Karma Needs These Two Skins (read and judge openly)

So through talking to my friend when I was a die hard Karma main and kept telling him what skins she needed we argued a lot. But through concept art's that have been viewed I my self believe Karma "The Enlightened One" needs a **Blood Moon** skin along with a **French Maid** skin. The Blood moon skin would be such a good skin concept because the Kimoto theme has always suit her through the **Traditional** skin and the **Sakura** skin as some may have seen and if not I recommend looking it up. This also includes the fact that her Twin Dragons have also been customized/changed to suit all her skins but better examples of this are her **Conqueror** and **Winter Wonder** along with the first skin **Sun Goddess**. The only downside to this is the Conqueror skin was already made with a red chroma to her abilities. Now to the French Maid one is the same idea, my biggest reason for bringing this skin onto another champ is because of design and complexion. With Karma having a darker complexion compared to most champs her design/figure along with a slight change of hair would make her look outstanding for the skin concept. Unfortunately do to some research the "French Maid" skin isn't exactly SFW. However the Blood Moon skin has two concept I have seen and links below will show you. (Disclaimer: I take no credit for any of the concepts) https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Qw6rd (personally love this) http://www.modskinlolph.com/2016/04/mod-skin-karma-blood-moon.html

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