Lets upvote this post so we can remind Riot!

Last year someone named “ Silvarspark” posted a Devil Shaco skin and he got 274 upvotes and the community loved it , but nobody from Riot seems to care . http://orig12.deviantart.net/5f7e/f/2017/147/8/e/demon_shaco_by_shockowaffel-dbamlp3.jpg http://orig13.deviantart.net/47e5/f/2017/147/1/8/demon_shaco_box_by_shockowaffel-dbammaf.jpg Halloween is coming so i want us to remind Riot that they have a skin on the plate and the community wants it . I need ur help guys , if we upvote the post Rioters can see it and even if they dont respond (like usual) maybe they can think about making it . Lets be honest the skin is gorgeous and it fits him perfectly , we can make it happen if we unite and upvote the post and maybe just maybe a Rioter will respond or think about making it . He doesnt have any 1350+ skins , but damn man this skin looks legendary 1820 and i would glady pay for it ,the skin is too good. He needs a good quality one and this is a good chance. If the skin would come in a bundle with Devil Shaco skin , Devil Shaco icon and ward i would buy it in 2 seconds. Lets do this guys! The community is strong xD
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