Proxxii - Vayne&Draven | [MONTAGE] AWESOME EDIT

Proxxii - Vayne&Draven | MONTAGE
STAY CONNECTED ▼OPEN▼ ➢Facebook: ➢Facebook Private: ➢Twitch: ➢Twitter: ➢Skype: veljko511 ➢SummonerName: Proxxii ➢Region: EU Nordic & East THANKS FOR WATCHING AND LEAVE A "LIKE" IF YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO :D TAGS: adc montage,vayne montage,draven montage,vayne mechanics,vayne gosu,proxxii,vayne guide,vayne pentakill 1v5,vayne build,vayne montage 2016,draven montage 2016,fabbbyyy,gosu,adc season 6,lol adc coaching,
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