Akheilos, Runeterra's Saviour

**Biography** Akheilos is one of the last Atlanteans from Atlantis before all of his people were driven to extinction by a swarm of ravenous void creatures. But now he's on hellbent mission of vengeance against the void-spawn. Under normal conditions he’s calm and somewhat agreeable. However, beneath this cool exterior is a hellish side that wishes to bring suffering and terror to anyone in his path. And there's no end to his hate towards spawn of the void. When he arrived on the surface, he soon became infamous throughout Runeterra because of his rampage in Bilgewater. Akheilos single-handedly decimated more than a third of their city with little to no scratches. He dexterously killed countless bilgewater soldiers/pirates after an argument in a bar triggered an all-out frenzy. Because of this incident he is vastly misunderstood. However, this news alone was enough for Noxus to take great interest. When approached by a spy with an invitation to a position in the Noxian army, Akheilos snarled and expressed disinterest. This news wasn't taken lightly by their general of course. Many attempts were made to capture him for years but he always evaded their ambushes till they stopped trying. In spite of his violent history he shows no signs of actively starting conflict or bearing malevolent intent during it, except when frenzied. Akheilos’ aggressive nature as a shark variant of Atlantean is normal, but he wasn't always this way. When he was young Akheilos was known to be quite docile. He and his family lived a life as crafters of treasure and weapons to be sold or stored in places of religious importance. Feeling the need to help his family be successful, he explored far and wide on his own to scavenge any material he could find. It was Fizz who unlocked his adventurous spirit on a particular excursion Akheilos embarked on. From that time on the two mischievously adventured and looked for trouble. But as time went on he began to feel a sense of dread throughout Atlantis piling up, until he couldn’t resist it anymore. He set out to find the cause his anxiety. Fizz witnessed him leaving the city in secret and caught up. Akheilos never explained to Fizz where he was going or why; leaving Fizz worried as he accompanied him on this final trip into the unknown. Akheilos eventually found a chasm. He instructed Fizz to stay at the entrance as he investigated. This led to a hexagonal enclave; inside was a closed rift to the void. It looked like a strange crack to the curious atlantean. Akheilos inspected it cautiously. After satisfying his curiosity he left the room to explore it some more another day. Little did he know his presence attracted thousands of voidlings on the opposite side of the portal. A few minutes after Akheilos left the area the rift bursted open. The void spawn flooded out, heading to where they could sense food, Atlantis. They voraciously devoured his people before he made it back to the city, leaving no bodies or evidence of them. The two were separated when Fizz traveled back to get help when Akheilos hadn’t returned to the entrance for hours. He inadvertently saved himself from being devoured by leaving. However, he became lost for some time on his way back. Akheilos made it back to the entrance of the pit with a greeting of silence, as Fizz had already left. He searched everywhere for his friend but never found him. The two arrived back at the city at different times with Fizz being an hour before Akheilos. In the span of time Akheilos was gone Fizz had taken the trident and left. Akheilos wandered the streets looking for another soul but alas didn't. Filled with anguish over the loss of his family and city's people Akheilos grieved their disappearances for months. Fury filled him as time went on driving his mind with one goal. Anger boiled inside him. And this sparked him to swim up to the surface where his first rampage would take place. Eventually he reunited with Fizz during his frenzy. Fizz had been sent by the Bilgewater authorities to stop him. But Akheilos didn't recognize his friend in his frenzied state whereas Fizz almost immediately did. His hesitation ultimately led to Akheilos almost killing him. Before he could finish suffocating Fizz with his own trident, Miss Fortune saved him by loading six tranquilizers shots into Akheilos' spine. By the time she arrived Akheilos and Fizz's duel destroyed several barracks, stores, and homes. It was mostly Akheilos who caused the damage to the city. He was ruled guilty with dozens of charges and was sent for execution when Fizz saved him despite almost being murdered by him. He forgave his friend's misdeeds and broke him out. When the two got a safe distance away from the port; Akheilos rested for days in a pond. Then a voice called out waking him up. After some discussion the two set out to find who or what was guiding Akheilos. He found a lost weapon destined to an Atlantean that would bring an end to the Void that would ultimately consume Runeterra: the Moonstone Blade. Akheilos recovered the blade and found a new purpose in life; to free Runeterra from the Void’s clutches. But at a price. He must release his rage from his blade that acts as a siphoner to keep it from becoming tainted and must listen to his split-personality Wrath until the day he fulfills his role as the saviour. He swears to avenge his race and relentlessly hunts void-kind. The young Atlantean died. A hero was born… An unlikely hero. "I won't let them take anyone's home like they did mine. Not anymore. -WE'LL CUT THEM TO BITS THEN FEAST!- Ew, no." -Akheilos and Wrath **Statistics** **Melee/Fighter** **Damage**: Physical **Health**: 542 (+88 per level) **Attack damage**: 62 (+3.6 per level) **Attack Speed**: 0.625 (+2.6% per level) **Movement Speed**: 340 **Health regen**: 7.13 (+0.52 per level) **Armor**: 35 (+3.6 per level) **Magic Resist**: 37 (+1.25 per level) **Fury**: 100 **Abilities** **Passive**: **Atlantean Might**: Akheilos gains **Atlantean Might** when in combat. Every point of fury is converted into Tenacity (1%), Movement speed (0.75%), and Lifesteal (0.5%). Generates 10 fury per attack and deteriorates at a rate of 20 per second if not in combat for 6 seconds. **Q**: **Moonstruck**: Akheilos channels then calls down a ray of moonlight silencing all enemies in a small circular radius and gaining a small shield for a short time. Deals 50/70/90/110/130 True Damage (+40% Attack Damage) and silences 1.5 seconds. Blocks 70/100/130/160/190 (+85% Attack damage)(+5% Max health) incoming damage for 3.5 seconds. **Moonstruck** casts a teal glow. Cast Range: 1000. Circular Range: 300. Cooldown: 10 seconds. **W**: **Megalodon**: Akheilos’ fighting spirit intimidates his foe, wearing theirs down. When activated, **Megalodon** temporarily steals 1.5/3/4.5/6/7.5 Armor & MR and AD from the closest enemy champion every second, up to 6 seconds. Stolen Armor & MR and AD lasts for 8 seconds. **Megalodon** casts a red glow. Vicinity Range: 900. Cooldown: 13 seconds. **E**: **Shark Bait**: Empowers Akheilos’ next four auto-attacks with the moonstone’s power 30/40/50/60/70 (+130% Attack Damage) bonus attack damage. Pierces through shields by 10/20/30/40/50%. The first and the third strike throws a golden orb that sticks and slows 20/25/30/35/40% for 1 second. The second and fourth strike dashes to your target. The orb deals contact damage then explodes damaging other units in a small radius for the same damage. **Shark Bait** casts a golden glow. Dash Range: 720. Orb range: 800. Cooldown: 8 seconds. **R**: **Blood Frenzy**: **Wrath**: Akheilos releases his bloodlust from his blade switching places with Wrath, entering a controlled frenzy. When activated he channels a second long roar. All enemy units hit by his roar are revealed by true sight for 1 second. Akheilos gains increased Attack Damage (+15/30/50), Magic Resist & Defense (+15/35/55), and bleeds enemies for 100/175/250 True damage over the course of 4 seconds. Bleed refreshes every auto-attack and ticks once a second. Blood Frenzy last 20 seconds, but suppresses him for 1.25 second when reverting back to normal. Roar range: 900. Cooldown: 106/83/60 seconds **Emotes** **Joke**: 1. “What do you get when you cross a shark with a sword? Yeah, just what you’d expect.” 2. “Fish are friends, not food. Oh who am I kidding...” **Taunt**: 1. “I enjoy freshwater every now and then, but your salinity is ruining it.” 2. “You yell barracuda, everybody says ‘Huh? What?’ You yell shark, now you’ve got a panic on your fins.” **Dance**: 1. Akheilos does the first half of the cupid shuffle. **Laugh**: 1. "Heeheehahahaaaa!" 2. "Hehehehehe!" 3. "Ahahahaha!" **Recall**: A large void beast will drop from a portal behind him and roar alerting him. The two will clash for a few seconds before ending with Akheilos gaining the upper hand. He slices it through the middle vertically. When appearing at the fountain the two halves will fall to the ground twitching and disappear into purple sparks behind him while sheathes his sword like a badass. **Recall Void beast**: **Color**: Blackish purple. **Form**: A giant with a bulky body. Two mouths, four arms, eight eyes, six legs, and three tails. **Clash**: Akheilos will strike at the giant, but it will block against him with its four armored arms. The creature and Akheilos hiss at each other while they struggle for power. Akheilos suddenly releases and slips through its legs letting the creature fall forward. With the creature's back to him he jumps up and slices it vertically in half. **Interactions** **Selection**: - -AN INVITATION TO THE SLAUGHTER!- Ahem, battlefield. **Banned** - I don’t blame them. I’d be scared if I had to face me, too. -*ROAR*- **First move**: - Stretch out and get ready guys. -READY FOR THE BLOODBATH!- - -LET ME OUT!- Not yet Wrath. Your time will come. - Summoner’s rift, the land of magic and life. *whispers* If only it were an ocean. - Perhaps it's a good thing to take a break from killing voidlings every now and then. - Fate approaches, better hope fate determines your life useful. - Akheilos here, pleased to beat you. **Idle**: - A momentary rest. -WE NEVER STOP!- - One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Um how does it go? - -DOES THIS MAKE US A TAG TEAM?- No, I control you during the Frenzy. - As peaceful as a pond -AS PEACEFUL AS BLOOD FLOWING!- or not. - *Hums Jaws music* - -WHERE DID HE COME FROM WHERE DID HE GO, WHERE COME FROM COTTON EYE JOE!- Errrrrgh...! Shut it! - Hissandria would be proud to see how far I've come. **Moving**: - What lurks through the endless murk of the sea? -US!- - Apparently if I just show my fin above water they'll panic and run. Wimps. - The water ripples with thousands of steps. - I am fueled by justice, not revenge. -KEEP TELLING YOURSELF THAT AKEELUS!- - The scent of their blood tells me they’re near. - I’ve found the meaning I searched for so long. - Fish face better not be messing around... He probably is. - They’re presence draws near. - -REMEMBER WHEN WE ALMOST KILLED THE FISH?- He already forgave me. - So many creatures, so much life, so much... -BLOOD!-. - Ger, my tail keeps getting tangled in the plants. - My people were so beautiful. So beautiful... - Wrath, can you sense anyone? -NO ONE IS SAFE FROM ME!- Alright, whatever that means. - They are gonna need a bigger boat if they plan to stop me. - Fate has already decided I live beyond this point, I will triumph. **Fizz**: - I suppose I’LL be the one to do the work while you fool around, like always. - Today we take the rift as ours! - Come on, show me what you got string bean! Let's see how much stronger you've gotten! - Come with me brother, we will show them to the depths. - Do you ever take anything seriously? -LEG INTESTINES!- Not you Wrath. - Alright Fizz, we're gonna need you and your shark. - Would you stop it with your trident? It's pissing me off. - Glub glub glub *whispers* say it with me man, glub glub glub. **Nami**: - You marai saved my people for millennia. My deepest gratitude. - Stay safe, alright? I don't need Fizz having a meltdown. - Keep me alive and I'll keep you alive, deal? -SHE LOOKS DELICIOUS!- *Whispers* Not now Wrath. - I totally pulled a Fizz on this, what's the plan vastayan? - Our weapons gravitate towards each other, interesting. -THE MOON’S MAGIC BLEEDS FROM OUR BLADE!- - Vastayan and Atlantean, We’re unbeatable together. **Void Fizz**: - NO, Fizz! They’ll pay for this! **Void Monsters**: - Destroy, devour, infest. Soon to be destroyed and devou... yeah just destroyed. -WHAT ABOUT THE DEVOURED PART?!- - Your rifts restrict you like chains. I will hold those chains… - I know a certain little sorcerer who’d like your unnatural purple color. - This blade right here is gonna end up going through your face sooner or later. **Kassadin**: - You want the prophet's head as well? Then we have a deal. -I WANT HIS BLOOD!- - I think you and I will get along just fine... Old man. *smirk* - It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in this war. - YOU NEVER WERE! - - My sympathies towards your daughter. I know the feeling of losing people you care about... - Any tricks you could teach me old man? **Malzahar**: - The prophet of the void, your sermons are over. And now, so are you. -AGREED!- - You honestly think the void’s gonna save this world?! - These beliefs you hold to will only turn Runterra into a wasteland of ravening creatures! - I won’t let you continue this madness you spread. -TEAR HIM TO SHREDS!- - Lets see who wins purple freak. -CONSUME HIS MADNESS!- - We were fated to meet… the void’s enforcer and the void’s vanquisher. - You betray the humans to spread your false beliefs. **Kai'sa**: - So who's side are you on? Ours? Or their's? -I DON'T CARE WHO'S, LETS TEAR HER APART!- - I don't know if I can trust you lady. -DESTROY HER!- - What's your deal? A human bonded with a void exoskeleton? -DOESN'T MATTER TO ME!- - Just don't give me a reason hate you and I won't let my irrational urge to destroy you take over. - I am feeling very conflicted right now. -LET HER BLOOD FLOW!- - The question is. Do you fight against it, or for it? -KILL FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS NEVER!- **Warwick**: - I don’t bark, but I do bite. -CUT, GOUGE, RIP, TEAR!- Yeah, he gets it. - The blood calls to you as well, you understand my pain. - I feel a certain, kinship with you. -HE SHARES THE BLOODLUST!- - I don’t suppose you doggy paddle? **Poppy**: - You wonder who the hero is? Hint, I'm looking at her. - Embrace who you are. This blade was destined for me as that Hammer is destined for you. - You live in denial of who you truly are. -AND YOU LIVE IN DENIAL OF YOUR RAGE!- - I can help you find out the role bestowed upon you, like I have found mine. **Miss Fortune**: - This meeting was inevitable wasn't it? **Evelynn**: - You reek of predatory intent lady. -SHE SMELLS OF VIOLENCE AND AGONY! MY FAVORITE!- - I'm not as foolish as humans. I can sense your true intentions. - Don't come any closer seductress, corruption flows from you like a bleeding wound. - BEGONE DEMON. **Tahm Kench**: - What are you gonna do big guy, huh? Sit on me? - Er! Keep me out of your disgusting mouth! -RIP HIS TONGUE OUT!- **Pyke**: - Trust me, after what I did to Bilgewater, you don't have to add. **Kayn**: - For the last time, stay out of my head! I already got someone else in there! -ME!- - I wonder if I could purify your darkin like I do the void's corruption. **Kayle**: - You say I ‘drown in the deadly sin of wrath’? Well I say I use it to my advantage. - Of course I’m doing this for justice. My species’ justice and my own. **Robotic Champions**: - -YOU HAVE NO BLOOD TO SPILL, GET LOST.- Is that really what you're worried about? **Twitch**: - I can smell you across the rift, and I hate it… **Akheilos**: - Um... -CONFUSION!- **Lulu**: - Keep your purple to yourself, I don’t like it. **Amumu**: - We could be friends if you toughened up... NOT, crybaby. **Jhin**: - Man, and I thought I was nuts. -BUT WE ARE CRAZY!- **Kindred**: - I sometimes think about requesting you, so I can be with my species, but then I remember my purpose. **Aurelion Sol**: - Hehe, and some people call ME a jerk. **Taunt response**: - -I’LL TURN THOSE WORDS INTO BLOODY GURGLES!- That’s disgusting. - Oh yeah? How about I rearrange your face instead? -I'LL DO MORE THAN THAT!- - Taunts won’t save you when I frenzy. -YOU’LL LET ME OUT?- Soon enough. **Bloodthirster**: - My thirst for blood grows. -WE WILL SWIM IN OCEANS!- - -THEIR PAIN!- Is our gain! **Last Whisper**: - If only Wrath would whisper. -IN YOUR DREAMS AKEELUS!- - I will silence the whispers of the void. No matter what. **Ravenous Hydra**: - -HUNGER!- You’ll come out, just wait. - Somehow I think this makes it harder to control the frenzy. Why did I buy this??? **Black Cleaver**: - There is no armor I cannot pierce! **Guardian Angel** - Its as if Hissandria himself is looking over me. **Consuming Healthpot**: - Hmmm, tastes like iron. I love it! - This’ll sate the urge to spill blood temporarily. *Whispers* I should carry more. - -REMINDS ME OF THE RAMPAGE!- **Attacking**: - Your place in the depths awaits you. -IN THE DEPTHS OF OUR STOMACH!- - Slippery like an eel. - Up high, down low, too... slowwww. - Not an opportunity missed. - Gotta be faster than that chum. -SOON THEY WILL BE CHUM!- - A sea snail coulda dodged that. - -IT’S TOO EASY!- Shut up... - -MORE BLOOD, MORE BLOOD, MORE BLOOD... MORE BLO- Okay I get it. - Keep up the pace! -WE’RE FASTER THAN THEY’LL EVER BE!- - The longer this goes on, the closer I get to the frenzy. -JUST WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR.- - Why don’t you leave before I have to switch places with someone ugly. -ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!- - You're just gonna keep letting me whale on ya? Come on, fight me! **Killing anyone**: - You're like a fish out of water, floppy and dead. - How’s being dead working out for ya? *smirk* - Is that regret? Nope, just my stomach. -AND MINE!- - What made you think you could stop me? - I almost feel bad, almost. -I NEVER DO!- - Come on, live a little... I’ll leave humor to the fish. - Another down the whirlpool. - You couldn’t let me be could you? - I never liked you. -TAKE IT VERY PERSONALLY!- - Chummed. - The tide turns in my favor. - Shark bait. - If you fight me, you will lose. -WE ARE STRONGER!- - What happened? Did you step on an urchin or something? - They should've seen that coming. - It was sink or swim, and you sunk harder than a rock. - -FRESH PREY!- **Killing Fizz**: - What was that? You’re one jump ahead of who? -NO ONE NOW HAHAHAHA!- - Didn’t want it to come to this Fizz. -ADMIT IT, YOU DID!- He's gonna respawn anyways. - Come on, you were the LIVELY one, hehe. - I always WAS the better one. - If you ever plan to get stronger, then you have to beat me. - You’re gonna have to try harder than that fish ribs. **Killing Nami**: - My heart goes out to you. Forgive me Marain lady… **Killing Void Fizz**: - I’m sorry Fizz, I couldn’t save you then. So let me save you now. **Killing Void Monsters**: - One less demon roaming Runeterra. - This time, stay dead. And never come back. - Pile of purple body parts now. -NOW WE FEAST!- Ew, no! - -RELEASE ME! WE CAN DESTROY THE REST OF THEM!- No, that isn't how our agreement works. - This! This is for Atlantis! - -DESTRUCTION AND PAIN DESIRED WITHIN!- Voidling who slaughtered my kind, that was your final sin! - -CRUSHED AND BEATEN UPON THE IRON SLATE!- In the end we eradicated you, this is your fate! **Killing Miss Fortune**: - Tried to be friendly. Didn’t take. **Killing Twitch**: - Aw c'mon, you smell even worse dead! **Killing Kassadin**: - Perhaps you should retire, leave this job to me. **Pentakill**: - We Atlanteans are a strong and proud race! Remember that! - Now who thinks they can face me?! - We live! -THEY DIE!- We rise! -THEY FALL!- - Are you satisfied now Wrath? -YES! WE ARE BATHED IN OUR ENEMY’S VISCERA!- I really wish I didn’t ask. - What do you think their excuse will be? -LAG!- Yeah, wait what’s lag? **Killing spree**: - This is my reef, get out! - Who else wants a piece of me? - I’m on fire! - A quest of- NO, A WARPATH OF- Shut up! As I was saying, Dammit I forgot. - -WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!- - Blood everywhere, must resist the frenzy, must resist the frenzy... *Deep breath* **Activating Blood Frenzy**: - Say hello, SAY GOODBYE! - You’ve pushed me too far this time! - Ready or not! HERE WE COME! - I’m not sorry for you. HAHAHAHAHA! - I gave you, TIME TO RUN AWAY! - We, ARE WRATH! - GIVE IN TO THE BLOOD! - WE CAN ONLY SEE RED! DELICIOUS CRIMSON RED! - IT CALLS TO US! - AT LAST, I AM FREE! -*For now.*- - Wrath, tag! WE'RE IT! - TOO LATE FOR APOLOGIES! - WE CAN’T STOP OURSELF! AND WE DON’T WANT TO! - BEG FOR MERCY! - I’m a, MONSTER! -*ROAAAAAAR*! **Idle during Wrath**: - TELL ME AKEELUS. WHY, HAVE, WE, **STOPPED**?! -*Eh, I don’t know.*- - GUILT FLOODS OUR MIND, WE FEEL THE WAVES CRASH AND CRASH! -*It may, but it doesn’t drown it. We are strong.*- - YOU THINK YOU’VE FOUND HOPE. -*I know I have Wrath.*- - I’LL TAKE OVER SOME DAY. AND WHEN I DO, SILA WILL BE FIRST TO GO. -*Not if I have anything to do with it.*- - YOUR LOVE FOR SILA WILL ONLY GET US KILLED IN THE END. -*She’s worth dying for…*- - ADMIT IT, WE ENJOYED KILLING THOSE HUMANS! -*I didn’t Wrath. YOU did.*- - LOSE FIZZ AND SILA? OR US? -*I WILL keep them safe, we know that.*- - I SHOULD BE IN CONTROL! -*Not on my watch.*- **Attacking during Blood Frenzy**: - LOOK AT US! LOOK. AT. US. WE WANT TO BE THE LAST THING YOU SEE AS BLOOD FILLS YOUR EYES! - DRIP YOUR VINTAGE OF CRIMSON BLOOD FOR US! - SEVER THE VEINS! LACERATE THE ARTERIES! - OUR ENJOYMENT IS YOUR SUFFERING! YOUR SUFFERING IS OUR ENJOYMENT! - YES! LET THE BLOOD FLOW! -*Let’s just get this over with.*- - WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR OCEAN OF CRIMSON! - DON’T DIE ON US YET, YOU STILL HAVE MORE TO BLEED! - WE SMELL YOUR SCREAMS AND WE WANT MORE! - RIPEN THE RAGING RED METER OF RAGE! -*I think you mean fury.*- - EVERY SLICE IS A PIECE OF OUR PAIN AND BLOODLUST! - YOU PISSED OFF THE WRONG SHARK! **Kills during Blood Frenzy**: - WE TOLD YOU WHAT WOULD HAPPEN! - WE ARE HERE TO KILL AND SPILL! - IT ENDS TOO FAST! -*We're only here to train my control over you. Remember that.*- - YOU WOKE THE WRONG SHARK! -*That is so seaweedy.*- - I AM ANGER, I AM AGONY, I AM WRATH! - *Laughter* THERE’S NO END! - NO ONE COULD SAVE YOU! -*Their allies could have if they were better.*- **Multi-kills during Blood Frenzy**: - YOU’RE NOT GETTING AWAY FROM US! NOT TODAY, NOT EVER! - MORE PREY, PREY MORE! - EMBRACE THE GUSHING REALITY OF SUFFERING! - YOU WON’T RUN LONG ENOUGH TO HIDE! - NOBODY WILL STOP THE BLOOD OCEAN’S FLOOD! NOBODY! - WHO ELSE WANTS A SLICE OF OUR PAIN?! YOU DO! - YOUR COMBINED PAIN STRENGTHENS US! **After Blood Frenzy**: - Ugh. Hopefully I won’t have to do that again any time soon. - I’m definitely gonna feel this headache in the morning. - Please tell me I didn’t say half the things I just said. - I don't wanna imagine what Sila would think if she saw me like this. **Kayn’s Umbral Trespass**: - Get out of my head freakshow! -A NEW GUEST TO MY MADNESS!- **Kayn’s Umbral Trespass, Blood Frenzy**: - WE SMELL NEW FLAVORS OF MALICE! -*Who the hell invited you in here?!*- **Dying**: - Hurgh..! Guh... - *Sharp inhale* - Not yet... - I can join... my people... now… - Tell Fizz, he was the best... - That all you... got...? - Sila I’m...sorry... **Respawning**: - Fins, check. Scales, check. Teeth, missing a few but they’ll grow back fast. - Good thing Fizz isn’t watching... Or is he? *Nervous laughter* - I could only see red. -DYING WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!- Aw shut up. - My quest isn’t over yet, Runeterra still needs me. - As long as voidlings are running loose through Runeterra, I will never rest. - I write my own fate. **Secret Interactions** 1. When Kayn uses Umbral Trespass on Akheilos he can temporarily hear Wrath speaking. 2. Nocturne's ultimate causes Akheilos' eyes. (Look in Lore for why) **Champion Design and Personality** **Height and Weight**: His overall physique is average height, lean, and muscular. Akheilos stands at 5'3'’ weighing 158 pounds. **Appearance**: Hairlike tentacles protrude from his head much like Fizz. He has three tentacles: two side ones then a large center one. His side tentacles go down to his armpits while his center tentacles reaches his waist. On his forehead is 'The Mark of the Frenzy', a symbol signifying how close he is to a frenzy. It appears as a pair of pale white closed jaws when calm but reddens and opens up as he gets closer to a Frenzy. Next, Akheilos has yellow-gold biostream. This means his irises, blood, saliva, tears, and every other fluid in his body is golden. His mouth contains two rows of curved serrated teeth, exactly like those of a tiger shark. He has sloping shoulders that lead to well-muscled arms. His upper half has a slight hunch. His wrists, elbows, and calves are finned. Akheilos has a dorsal fin on the upper region of his back and a shark tail that trails behind him. His tail has a small sail that ends right below his tail fins; instead of two tail fins, he has three. Hands lack much webbing and contain four sharp fingers. Unlike his hands, his feet splits into four mostly webbed toes. Deceptively fast on land. **Color**: Akheilos’ body is colored like that of a tiger shark. Turquoise blue scales and faint dark stripes cover his body except his stomach, palms, and soles which are pale white. **Gear**: Akheilos wears an open-vest made of Atlantean silk, its length goes from his collar down to his ribs. It’s base color is silver with a gold lacing. The vest reveals the front of his torso. He also adorns a pearl-bead necklace with a small moonstone shaped like a nautilus shell in the middle. As well as a black sword sheath on his back. He wears shorts of the same material and design as his vest; ending just above his knees. His shins and wrists are guarded by silver braces. He wields his Moonstone Blade. The blade is of average length and slightly cylindrical, curving slightly backward and ending in 3 tips. The hilt is covered in black and white bandages while the blade itself is made of pure white moonstone. When activated abilities add neon colors to his sword. **Personality**: Akheilos has been shown to be cynical towards people he first meets and might give off a bad impression at first. However, he is very kind and generous to his friends or anyone in need; always putting himself in danger to save others. In rare cases he can even be quite outgoing. Akheilos comes from a tragic past. His entire species was massacred by voidlings and as a result he spent years alone in depression. For a long time he believed his best friend Fizz to be dead as well as a result of this. After that he killed a countless amount of innocent people in Bilgewater then almost Fizz during an uncontrolled frenzy, leaving him with overwhelming guilt. However, ever since he rekindled brotherhood with Fizz and his ancestors' spirits, he has *mostly* overcome his demons. Inheriting the Moonstone blade gave him a new purpose in life. To defend Runeterra from the ravenous void and protect the innocent evil. This combination of negative and positive experiences bends his personality for better and for worse. Overall, he’s a selfless chaotic good hero. The Atlantean bears slight social anxiety. This mostly stems from the guilt of murdering hundreds of humans and almost his friend. He doesn’t particularly like the majority of humans but does believe that some are fine. Despite it all, he has an executive attitude about everything, completing his tasks without fail. Akheilos also possesses deep hatred of the color purple. One example of this is when a Shuriman woman offered him a cusp of wine for closing one of the many rifts in shurima that in turn saved her town. He spat it out instantly because it reminded him of the void’s blackish-purple ooze. And it really didn’t help that Wrath kept telling him it was. He apologized later for his rudeness and replaced the wine bottle he smashed. **Relationships**: Akheilos holds a close partnership with Kassadin, sharing a bond over their hatred over the void. The pair have been seen working together when fighting against swarms of void beasts quite often. Secretly Akheilos admires his courage, seeing him as an upstanding human. He shows a softer side when around Fizz and Sila (Another character of mine). He has an acute fear of harm coming to her or Fizz and as such possesses a slightly protective complex (Being the only two people he truly cares about). Akheilos is very ‘chill’ often gazing out at the beach when not busy with heroism. Touching his tail and/or tentacles without warning is *not* advised. Do NOT do it. **Animations**: **Idle animation**: 1. His standard animation has him quick on his feet, holding his sword behind him. 2. Taps his foot on the ground and casually holds his sword over his shoulder. Looks behind and to the right. 3. He examines it for a couple seconds, tracing a finger over the length of the blade causing small sparks to jump out then he thrusts it out. 4. Cracks his neck or knuckles every now and then. **Blood Frenzy** **Activation**: When activated red energy floods from his moonstone blade into him. Akheilos holds his head and closes his eyes releasing a loud roar causing red aura to burst from his body. This all occurs in 1 second. **Appearance**: Akheilos switches places with his darker side Wrath. His eyes become blood red and crimson aura seeps out of his body leaving a small trail behind him when he runs. His main scales shift over to a dark gold while his brown stripes turn black. The symbol on his forehead changes as well. The teeth open and two bloodstream patterns spills out the sides. He blurts out insane ramblings at his target while he attacks them. Akheilos has full control over his body except for his mouth when frenzied, much to his disdain. Wrath’s voice is a mix of laughter, anger, and excitement as he raves on about blood and agony. His voice is gravelly and deep. He mispronounces Akheilos’ name (calling him Akeelus). The way Wrath moves is different from how his counterpart does. Wrath's attack, walking, and idle animations switch entirely. Being much more wild and rickety. Despite Wrath's apparent insanity he shares Akheilos' high intelligence and quick-wit making him an enigmatic and calculated fighter. **Idle Animation**: 1. He breathes heavily releasing puffs of red aura. Hunches over more. 2. Appears shifty-eyed and chuckles maniacally to himself from time to time. 3. Twitches from time to time. **Death Animation** Falls to his knees then collapses forward, blade still in his grasp. Wrath, as a red translucent ghost (In the shape of Akheilos) rises out of his body and dissipates while the moonstone blade's glow fades then turns black. Concept art coming is finished! Thank you for reading! :)
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