Lady Lucille Champion Design--Lore tied with Vladmir

> > **Passive: Blood Hunger/Blood Barrier** > > > > When her health drops below 50% she gains **Ravenous hunger and saps 25% of her missing life + 20 Flat Magic over course of 2 seconds**, enemy champions are sapped for 50% and are dealt 40+ 1% current HP increased damage while she is sapping her life. > > > > If her Max life is full she has a **Blood Barrier** that is **immune to all magic damage** and breaks once hit with a enemy champion ability , the barrier has has 100 health + her AP, Blocks all Dragon/Magic Attacks untill its depleted, recharge time is 140 seconds, and decreases by 20 seconds when a LargeMonster/Minion is killed > ..... > **R Fatal Attraction** > > Morphs in blood plague that absorbs inside enemy champion making her **un-target able**, for 4.5 seconds, like a virus she takes the enemy champion under control for 4 seconds while inside feasting on their "stuff". once 5 seconds have pass she explodes back into Human-noid shape taking 20% MAX Health in **healing **from the enemy champion and dealing** 150-200 True Damage + 95% AP** > > if executed, a blood zombie is replaced with 40% of their AD/AP and 1900 Health + 10% of Lady Lucille AP Last 30 seconds, and will move slowly, but leave trails of noxious ooze dealing heavy magic damage to minions/enemy units that walk over it , when in tower range

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