Fashionista Skinline?

**As preface, I sometimes get comments on here saying not to ask or talk about skins because they want Riot to fix their game. Please note that the skin department and the actual balancing of game department are separate. Thanks.** So, I was thinking about more skinlines I want to see. My last idea was the gemstone expansion (found it they are really just part of Elderwood), but a new skinline I have is the Fashionista skinline. They would be champions dressed up in fancy clothing / gear and have flashy particles for their abilities. This line would include three groups: the Fashionistas (the followers of the fashion), the Designers (pretty obvious), and the Models (again pretty obvious). Some of the champions I was thinking of are champions that seem to be concerned about their appearance or just feel like they belong in this kind of skinline: Fashionista {{champion:497}} with Fashionista {{champion:498}} (Xayah mainly because I don't want the lovebirds separated) Rakan is a devote follower of all the latest fashion trends. Xayah is his unwilling tag along, preferring to create her own style instead of what is currently considered fashionable. <3 Supermodel {{champion:44}} (Legendary) - Taric is an otherworldly beauty that is coveted by all designers in the business. His presence truly lights up a room. Fashionista {{champion:55}} - Katarina isn't afraid of getting down and dirty to fight for the last pair of designer clothes (something like that). Designer {{champion:114}} - Fiora longs for a model worthy of wearing her radiant outfits. Supermodel {{champion:119}} - Draven loves the adoration of his loving fans as he runs the runaway. Model {{champion:81}} - An up and coming model in the scene of things. Supermodel {{champion:28}} - Evelynn is an unruly client who is linked to several disappearance of some the most renown designers in the business, while also getting deals left and right to come and model their new expensive clothing lines. Supermodel {{champion:21}} - Sarah Fortune was signed into Sol Industries because of her exquisite beauty and dangerous allure that drew the eye of all who look upon her. (She is my main so she is gonna be here) Supreme Designer {{champion:136}} (Legendary) - A designer to be rivaled with, Aurelion Sol, Sol to his friends, created the fashion world and all designers look up to him, and all models wish to be chosen for his artistic creations. Designer {{champion:202}} - Jhin longs to make everyone beautiful in his own artistic way. **Added Ideas from Comments** Supermodel {{champion:103}} _Ahri is a unique wonder in the fashion industry. She charms all who lay their eyes upon her._ Designer {{champion:246}}: _Qyiana is a rising force in the fashion industry. She is currently fighting for control of family's industry as lead designer, as well as beating out other designers currently in the scene._ Runway {{champion:25}} (Legendary): _After a nasty fight between her and her sister, Kayle, the twins separated and are signed under other different industries. Morgana aims to light up the runway in her own way under the hand of Laurent Industries (Fiora's)._ Runway {{champion:10}} (Legendary): _After another outburst of her twin sister, Morgana, Kayle decided it was best to leave and find a new agency to work for. Now, Kayle lights up the runway for the upcoming Qiqi Industry._ Model {{champion:28}} (just a simple balancing act of models / supermodels)
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