Ive got a new idea

okay so Ive been thinking about a sort of mini-game for those long queue times. Basically, it'll basically be like a side scroller or a bullet hell with all the people who are queued together playing. The side scroller would be like an up and down movement and you had to dodge things like {{champion:119}} ulti and {{champion:222}} ulti (all worldwide ults) and collect things like mana coins or gold coins. The bullet hell type game would be a square and you (along with your other queued members) are inside, the objective is to survive the longest dodging things like {{champion:30}} q or all of {{champion:103}} kit or even {{champion:53}} q and {{champion:101}} kit. I feel like this would help pass time much faster during queue times and raise replay-ability along the League community, even I would play more. Of course, I dont think there should be actual rewards given to the winner because you could just queue up for like 30 seconds and get BE (if that was a reward). In both games, there would be a boss that showed up every 15 seconds or so, it would be a different boss every time and the bosses would make you have to dodge doom-bots {{champion:99}} ult or doom-bots {{champion:81}} ult. If there is anything you guys feel like adding, please feel free.
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