New Tank Support Champion| Bodyguard Brody

So, I took time to think about ADC and Support champions RIOT has already released, and up to this point they have created many champions that have hard CC, and Hooks, slows, heals and shields ect. My goal in making this champ is for there to be a hard counter to these types of champions. I’m not making a full lore for this champion, But a basic Idea I had is below: **Rough Draft** **Short Lore Concept** Brody is the leader of a very successful and powerful escort business; Brody’s Bodyguards are known for stopping at nothing to ensure the safety of those who hire him and his men. His name is known and feared across all of RUNETERRA, everyone knows not to mess with Brody and his men and the clients they defend. **Brody’s Gear**: A Repelling Shield, A Heavy Spear and Medical Supplies He Carries In A Large Pack On His Back **** Abilities **Passive: Repel** When hit by an enemy ability gain 1 stack of repel, at 4 stacks you rejuvenate some health over time and your nearest ally will gain a shield for 5 seconds that will reflect the next attack back at the caster in the form of damage taken. If no allies are present you will gain the shield instead. Stacks reset back to 0 after reaching 4 stacks. (Don't veigar Ulty Brody or his allies when his passive is up, unless you wan't to kill yourself) *****Updated Idea: Same concept but instead of allies automatically getting the shield, after 4 stacks drop a repel shield that you or your allies can pick up. **** **Q: Heavy Throw** (Skill Shot) Brody lunges forward, throwing his heavy spear as hard as he can at the enemy, forcing them back and snaring them to the ground dealing Adaptive damage. Q damage scales based on max health. Update: True damage changed to adaptive damage Adaptive damage is based on the dominant damage stat of a unit: **** **W: Peel (W1 and W2)** (point and click) **W1: Attach** While attached your movement depends on who you are attached to, like yuumi. Brody gains increased Magic Resist and Armor, jumps to and attaches himself to an allied champion, minion or turret for 3/3.5/4/5/6 seconds taking the brunt of the damage ally would have received. While attached to an ally your ally heals based on the damage you take. **W2: Detach** After detaching gain a short burst of movement speed. Detaching with seconds left shortens the cooldown of W. **** **E: Fears Tyrant (E1 & E2)**(Dash works like shen dash) **E1: Fears** Brody lunges at the enemy landing behind them and fearing them in the opposite direction. **E2: Tyrant** Reduces attack speed of feared targets for the next 3 auto attacks. Update: If you don't like E1 or E2 and think its too much, pretend its Removed. **** **R: Brody’s Defense (global Ult)** Brody Calls upon his Body Guards to defend his 4 allies **Idea**: Bodyguards are like Azir soldier units, they can not be selected to attack and like veigar R they will do their job and their is nothing you can do but stop watch or QSS Q, or Qss E. Brody himself does not get a body guard but the cooldowns of his abilities are halved for 20 seconds. After casting R Brody’s Bodyguards will appear and accompany his 4 allies around the map. Allies have to order his Bodyguards what to do (Q,W or E). After orders have been fulfilled his Bodyguards will be relieved of duty. Turrets will not stop his bodyguards from fulfilling their duty. R goes back on cooldown after orders have been fulfilled. When Brody is on your team you will have the option to select what his bodyguards will do for you when his R is up, To use his Bodyguards when Brody's R is up simply select your target (like kindreds mark) and then activate the Bodyguards at the opportune moment By selecting Q,W or E and his bodyguards will do the rest. **Selecting R + Q**: Brody’s bodyguards will throw a heavy Spear at the selected enemy and snare them. **Selecting R + W**: Brody’s bodyguards will peel you taking the brunt of the damage you would have received, and heal you for the amount of damage they take. **Selecting R + E**: Brody’s bodyguards will lunge forward landing behind the selected enemy target, fear them in the opposite direction and lower the attack speed of their next 3 auto attacks by 50%. **** **R Limitation & Ideas** **Idea 1**: If an enemy champion has already been selected by another ally you can not select that same enemy champion. While Brody's bodyguards are next to him he can only use W to peel an ally that isn't already being peeled and auto attack. If a bodyguard near him has fulfilled his duty and disappears, Or if they leave the area that Brody is in, Brody then gains access to the rest of his abilities again. **For example:** You press R and your adc now has a bodyguard, until your adc orders the bodyguard into an action, and that action is fulfilled all you can do is auto attack and use W on a minion or turret. If your adc orders the bodyguard to use Q or E, Brody can still use his W on the adc because they are not being peeled. **** **Idea 2**: Every ally that isn't being accompanied by Brody gets a bodyguard. For instance, you are bot lane with your adc and notice top lane needs a little help, you press R but because You are bot lane with your adc mid, jungle and top, get a bodyguard, but your adc does not. If I run with this Idea, that would mean, it would encourage Brody to stay out of team fights so that his team can fully utilize his ult and then after they use his ult he can rejoin his team with access to all of his abilities for the clean up. During the down time Brody can get vision in the jungle, in bushes, and maybe clear vision while his team whoops somemass. **** Or **Idea 3**: When Brody Presses R it is still a global ult but you select 1 or 2 or 3 allied champion to use your ult on, based on level. **For example**: You press R and a selection option pops up (like kindred mark). 1 point in your R allows you to select 1 allied champion to give a bodyguard to, 2 points in R you can select 2 allied champions, and 3 points in R allows you to select 3 allied champions. **** **Idea 4**: Brody is not in control of casting R, Just being on his team gives his team his R after He unlocks it at level 6, and cooldowns vary based on when individual team mates activate his bodyguards. **For example**: Brody hits level 6 and unlocks R, Top lane immediately uses body guard to snare his opponent, and is now on a 120 second cooldown, Mid lane doesn't decide to activate Brody's bodyguard until a minute after top lane uses it. Mid now has 120 seconds on his cooldowns for Brody's R while top lane only has a few seconds left before Brody's bodyguards comes off cooldown. **** **Updated**: I feel like the people who like the idea I presented do not comment, and the ones that don't like it are more out spoken in their dislike and are willing to comment. After seeing comments, I see whats disliked about the idea, over tuned, had true damage but was removed ect., but If you like it, please leave a comment on why you like it. It sucks spending hours creating a champion design just to have only negative reviews in the comment section. Its like going 30/2/15 and losing in your promos G1 to Plat 4 just to have the enemy team tell you you are garbage. Its sucks lfmaooo :D
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