A Corporate Christmas IV

#A Corporate Christmas IV {{champion:36}} "Woo. Corporate Mundo declare this office holiday party be lit!" {{champion:64}} "Since when do you use words like, lit?." {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo want get his vocabulary on fleek." {{champion:64}} "Oh Rito, please stop." {{champion:75}} "Hey, who spiked the eggnog?" {{champion:150}} "Wait, what do you mean, spiked with what?" {{champion:75}} _"Dips finger in the bowls and tastes it."_ "Hmmm, Mushroom juice. There's so much in here I hardly even taste the eggnog." {{champion:150}} "**WHAT!** Oh no, how did I not taste that? Oh no oh no." {{champion:16}} "Boss, how much did you drink?" {{champion:150}} "Like six or seven glasses." {{champion:16}} **"BOSS!"** {{champion:150}} "**I'M SORRY OKAY!** I really like eggnog." {{champion:240}} "Well you best buckle up, because you're in for a hell of a ride." {{champion:150}} "I think I'm going to go throw up. Excuse me." _"Turns around and runs straight into a wall, knocking himself out."_ _**Sometime later:**_ {{champion:16}} "Hey, are you okay? Please wake up." {{champion:150}} "Soraka, what happened, why do you look so different?" {{champion:16}} "I'm Winter Wonder Soraka. Are you our savior, the one the prophecy foretold of?" {{champion:150}} "What? Where am I? What's going on? Prophecy?" {{champion:16}} "You don't know? No, I supposed you wouldn't. You are in The Frozen Kingdom. Long ago there was a prophecy. It said that there would be a time of terrible darkness and sadness, where one was too afraid to even help a neighbor in need. But when things seemed most hopeless, a stranger from a distant land would arrive and unite the peoples against the evil king. And peace would reign forever more. I've never seen you around here, and I know everyone, so you must be our savior." {{champion:150}} "Your evidence is purely circumstantial. I'm going home. Which way did I come from?" {{champion:16}} "I do not know, I only saw you lying on the ground here." {{champion:150}} "There's got to be a way for me to figure how to get back home." {{champion:16}} "Well, there is a stone that can take someone to where their heart belongs." {{champion:150}} "Great, where is it?" {{champion:16}} "The evil Ice King, the one that it was foretold you would defeat, has it." {{champion:150}} "Of course he does. Well, since it seems any more attempts to skip this is just going to draw out the story, I'll help you save your kingdom." {{champion:16}} "Yay! Come, right this way. We must follow the frozen brick road." _**One reference later:**_ {{champion:16}} "Now, before you fight the Ice King, it is said you must face four grueling trials." {{champion:150}} "Thanks for mentioning this after I've committed to helping you." {{champion:11}} **"STOP IN THE NAME OF THE KING!"** {{champion:16}} "Ooh, this must be the first one. A Snowman guard." {{champion:11}} "The king has decreed that no newcomers shall enter the kingdom. Turn back now or I will be forced to slay you." {{champion:150}} "With what, that giant carrot? Sorry pal, Bugs Bunny called and he-" {{champion:11}} _"Moves faster than the eye, cutting three holes in Corporate Gnar's suit."_ "This is your final warning. Turn back now or the next cuts will be more than superficial." {{champion:150}} "That suit was brand new. **NOW YOU'VE DONE IT!**" _"Goes mega."_ {{champion:11}} "It appears that it is I who is outmatched." _"Gets thrown into a tree."_ {{champion:150}} **"YOU ARE SO GOING TO REGRET THIS!"** _"Eats his carrot sword and starts a beatdown."_ {{champion:16}} "Brutal." {{champion:150}} _"Turns back into normal form."_ "No one cuts my suits." {{champion:11}} "You have bested me, I will now join you in your quest." {{champion:150}} "Wait what, just like that? Well if I had known, I wouldn't have eaten your sword and tried to break everyone bone in your body." {{champion:11}} "No worries, I am made of snow and have no bones to break. Also, carrot swords grow everywhere around here. Otherwise, a small fawn would be enough to disable me." _"Pulls one out of the ground."_ {{champion:150}} "Well, onto the next trial." _**The next trial:**_ {{champion:36}} "You not be going any further!" {{champion:16}} "My prince. Oh, what has he done to you." {{champion:11}} "Sir, I have served you and the Frozen Kingdom since I was first built. But I now see that something dark has taken it over. I wish not to battle with you, but I will if I must. The chosen one here must save our people." {{champion:150}} "Hi, that's me I guess." {{champion:36}} "Me do anything to protect kingdom. Why you only want to destroy and hurt?" {{champion:16}} "Can't you see, the Ice King has done terrible things to your mind. He is the one who wants to hurt and destroy. You once fought for freedom and justice. And you still can, fight his curse on you, **FIGHT!**" {{champion:36}} "Me will fight, fight you!" _"Charges Winter Wonder Soraka."_ {{champion:11}} **"NO!"** _"Pushes her out of the way and gets demolished into many different pieces by Frozen Prince Mundo."_ {{champion:36}} "**OH NO! WHAT HAS ME DONE!** Frozen Prince see now, me was under dark spell. Now me has hurt those dearest to me. Me sorry, me so very sorry." _"Holds Snow Man Yi's severed head and cries."_ {{champion:11}} "It is okay my prince. Once again, I am made of snow and am very hard to kill unless you melt me." {{champion:36}} **"AH, TALKING HEAD!"** _"Drops him."_ {{champion:11}} "Do not worry, once I have regained my strength I can reform my body. Until then, please carry me with you." {{champion:150}} "Well, this was an easy trial, I didn't even have to do anything." _**A little bit of not doing anything later:**_ {{champion:16}} _"Alright, so I was wrong about the direction. We really need to go this way."_ {{champion:36}} "Wait, all kings army be that way." {{champion:16}} _"Oh yeah, but they are actually really nice. I'm sure they would let us through."_ {{champion:36}} "Yeah, that make sense. Wait, no it now. Army very mean, even to Frozen Prince." {{champion:150}} "And why do you sound so funny?" {{champion:16}} _"I, uh, don't know what you're talking about."_ {{champion:36}} _"Slaps Winter Wonder Soraka."_ {{champion:518}} "**HEY, WHAT'S THAT ABOU-** Uh oh." {{champion:11}} "Winter Wonder Neeko! I thought we caught and locked you up a while ago." {{champion:518}} "Yes, but the Ice King promised me my freedom if I caught you all." {{champion:11}} "You know he was lying to you. You would have been locked back up with us." {{champion:518}} "I didn't care, any chance at freedom was one I was willing to take. I was born to run wild, not spend my whole life in a cage." {{champion:36}} "Then join us, we take down Ice King and save Frozen Kingdom." {{champion:518}} "I guess that gives me an even better chance at freedom, so sure thing. Let's go." {{champion:11}} "Wait, where is the real Winter Wonder Soraka?" {{champion:518}} "Oh yeah, I tied her up to a tree right back there." **Some backtracking, untying and retracking later:** {{champion:84}} "No one enters the castle without first beating me in a dance off!" {{champion:150}} "K/DA Akali, why are you in the Frozen Kingdom?" {{champion:84}} "That's K/DA Akali Prestige Edition to you!" {{champion:36}} "Money was tight in Frozen Kingdom so Ice king bring her in for get rich quick." {{champion:84}} "Now, are you going to dance, or do I have to kill you all?" {{champion:150}} _"Sigh."_ "I'm tired of all this." _"Throws Phonerang at her."_ {{champion:84}} "That's not-" _"Gets hit directly in the head and gets knocked out."_ {{champion:150}} "Come on, let's kill this Ice guy so I can go home." {{champion:16}} "Wait, how is she supposed to join our team if she's unconscious?" {{champion:150}} "She's not, we don't need a blatant cash grab on our team." {{champion:518}} "Hey, since we're almost there. Why don't we sing a song while we enter the castle." {{champion:150}} "Please no." _**Falalalala:**_ {{champion:29}} "Well well well, look who finally showed up. Hello, chosen one." {{champion:150}} "Ice King Twitch, we've come to stop you so I can get out of this weird place." {{champion:29}} "I'd like to see you try. I bet you couldn't even get past Gunter." {{summoner:31}} "Rawr!" {{champion:150}} _"Punts Gunter across the room."_ "Team, **ATTACK!**" _**All of them as a team rush Ice King Twitch. They manage to defeat him quite easily as even a fed twitch can't 1v5.**_ {{champion:29}} "I don't understand! If you were me you would do the things I do!" {{champion:150}} "Well, we're not you, cause you're evil." _"Smacks him in the head, knocking him out."_ {{champion:16}} "You've actually done it, our kingdom is freed!" {{champion:36}} "Me get to once again sit on throne." {{champion:150}} "Alright yep, happy times. Now how do I get home." {{champion:16}} "Simply take this stone, hold it close to your heart. Close your eyes, think clearly about where your home is. And say, there's no place like home three times." {{champion:150}} "Really?" {{champion:16}} "Just do it, otherwise the joke doesn't work." {{champion:150}} "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home." **"WHOOOSH!"** {{champion:16}} "Boss, boss, you're awake!" {{champion:150}} "Huh, normal Soraka, it's you. what happened. Where am I? Uh, my head." {{champion:16}} "You had a nasty fall at the office holiday party. We brought you home so you could get some bed rest. What do you mean by normal Soraka?" {{champion:150}} "It's nothing, just glad to be home." _"Looks at the fancy stone in his hand."_ {{champion:16}} "Wait, how did you get that, it wasn't in your hand or pocket when we brought you here." {{champion:150}} "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." #The End
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