Looking for game design friends.

I went to school for this shit.. I'm not trying to put out anything crazy or fancy.. This is my hobby. I've got projects I've done 20+ years of technical design on.. I've got projects that are just barely fleshed out. I'm doing this for fun, not profit.. I'm not really looking for people in the IDEAS department.. We all have them.. This field is full of dreamers.. Dreamers that often don't know how to write a technical document. but it would be a huge help for people that are content creators.. especially Programmers, to jump on board. I've been dicking around in the Unreal development Engine mostly, but some of my ideas are flexible.. I've probably used any game engine you can name. I'd love to meet someone that knew Unreal Script and was good with C or a decent programing language.. I'm good with pseudocode.. but havent really been able to pick one up.. My skills? I do 3D and 2D art, Music and Audio production, and creative and technical writing. I'd be willing to bring the right person into my pet project down the road.. but for now.. I just want to throw together some simple games and increase my skill level in the areas I'm good at.
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