Before you rework Aatrox, let a main who's been playing him for years tell you his problems.

I know for a blatant fact that there probably isn't a single Aatrox main within the Riot balance team community, Live gameplay balance team, rework team, or what have you. The whole purpose of this post is to discuss is problems, what he's strong at, and what could use some work. I don't want to see an LeBlanc-like rework where my champion is just completely changed from head to toe, taken I know that isn't going to be the case from what I've read (But Riot has been known to be deceitful about those types of things). Pros: 1. Really strong laning phase with a really good level 2 power spike with Q, W all in with passive. 2. Scales really well with items and has multiple viable build paths as well as keystone choices. 3. Can solo carry games. 4. Top tier split pusher and can 1v2 in any stage of the game. 5. Most people underestimate your damage because you're Aatrox. 6. The champion is badass looking and has some of the coolest lore in my book. 7. Q is a mini malphite ultimate 8. Ultimate is extremely good for teamfighting. 9. Can take rift herald the moment it spawns thanks to his W healing. 10. All around decent junglers with powerful early ganks. Cons: 1. His Q has a massive wind-up, is hard to land, is predictable, and hardly ever procs unstoppable on it's way down like it's supposed too. 2. Needs at least 3 stacks of his passive to reliably trade safely to prevent all ins and you dying in result. 3. Gets kited extremely hard, but that's just the bruiser problem. 4. E is insanely hard to land, doesn't feel rewarding to land at all in all honesty. I just use it to get a stack for my passive. 5. If you fall even the slightest bit behind, you lost lane and pretty much just a burden to your team. 6. Any tank fucks you in the ass. 7. {{item:3076}} {{item:3047}} Might as well roam because you'll lose every single trade. What he needs: 1. Revert his E back to magic damage so tanks can't just stack armor on you, or give him armor pen if he lands the ability on a champion. 2.Give his ult some tenacity if he lands it on a champion, or just in general if he uses it. 3. Give his Q A higher base damage, but lower the total AD ratio. Doesn't make sense with his W total% Max hp healing. 4. Give his ult Cleave like attacks. (?) All in all, I can understand why you're looking to rework him because he doesn't live up to his lore via gameplay. You have to understand that he's in fact not as terrible as everyone makes him out to be, he currently has a 54% win rate right now and had the 3rd highest winrate of any top laner some patches ago. I think he just has the old Yorick problem where he's been in such a shit state for so long, that he's just forgotten so everyone. That mini-rework you guys did with his passive revived him, he just needs a minor tuning to something, like I mentioned above. Taken those are just things that I can think of after 3,000 games with him over the spam of his birth as a champion and i'm sure theres other options. I'm just praying to God you guys don't ruin my champion, don't give me some Rengar and LeBlanc rework type crap please, thanks. -Aatrox's Legacy

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