Chira, The Sand Wraith

VIEWERS PLEASE . . . PLEEEAAASSSSEEEE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK! There have not been very many Female tanks in the game and I feel it could be a fun new champion when tweaked and balanced correctly. Chira is a Extremely tanky female sand wraith/golem that will play as such, she originates from Shurima, Chira was created from the excess energies that escaped while Xerath was imprisoned beneath the sands. (Or that is the basic idea) Chira's Base Stats Health : 595 - 2485 (+105) Attack Damage : 55 - 95.5 (2.25) Health Regen : 9 - 18 (+.5) Attack Speed : .435 (?) Armor : 45 - 135 (+5) Manaless (Sand Wraith) Magic Resist : 35 - 57.5 (+1.25) Range : 125 Move speed : 320 ~~Chira's Passive "Cursed Sands" : ~~ ~~(Sand wraith): While Chira is alive she gathers sand while moving, 10% while moving 1% while stationary up to a value of 100. ~~ ~~(Curses continue): When Chira is killed she bursts open and coats the nearby area (250 Distance) with sand slowing all enemies (50% Slow) and reducing healing.~~ ~~(Superb cursing): Outside healing ON Chira is reduced by 25%.~~ ~~Cooldown : Always on Death ~~ *New Passive "Cursed Sands" : (Sand wraith): While Chira is alive she gathers sand while moving, 10% while moving 1% while stationary up to a value of 100. (Unyielding Sands) Chira gains tenacity for the lower her HP gets. (50% HP Equals 25% Tenacity) (Sandstorm) Above 50% Hp ally healing on Chira is converted to tenacity (At a certain rate) and then will start decaying after 2 seconds. (Ancient Construct) When below 50% HP all ally healing will then go into a Temporary shield that decays over 2 seconds. Chira's Q "Sand Smash" : Chira swings her arms in a small arc that stops on first enemy hit, Sand enters the eyes causing nearsight for .5 seconds Can be cast twice with both arms. Hitting the same enemy twice will result in Max HP damage. (Crushing Grasp) : (1/2/3/4/5/6 % Max hp damage) (Sand Grains) : (.5/.6/.7/.8/.9./1 Seconds) Cooldown : (15/14/13/12/11/10 Seconds) Cost : (50/45/40/35/30/25 % Of Sand) Chira's W "Sinkhole" : Chira travels to a location via Sinkhole rooting enemies at either entrance. (This is kinda like a person Ryze ult) (Sinkhole) : Roots for 1 second Distance : (500/750/1000) Cooldown : (40/30/20 Seconds) Cost : (75/65/50 % Of sand) Chira's E "Reclamation" Passive : (Connection) (Chira is Always grounded, cannot be knocked up) Active : (The Succ) Chira absorbs sand and HP from the surrounding area, Slowing enemies and giving her bonus stats for a short time. (Recreation) : (5/6/7/8/9/10 % of missing HP and 50% Sand) (Quick Sand) : 90% Slow for 1 second (Traction) : (100/105/110/115/120/125 Distance) (Rejuvenated) : (10/12/14/16/18/20 Bonus Armor and Magic Resist) Cooldown : (18/17/16/15/14/13) And my Favorite ability which should instill fear in those that oppose the Shuriman sands. Chira's R "Shurima's Vengence" Chira becomes one with the sands she was created from turning into a hulking sand Golem. (Sandling) : Chira gains 200/400/600 Hp on activation. (Sand Golem) : Chira is made of sand and heals constantly for 10 seconds (5/7.5/10% Of max HP Per second.)(Much like Mundo's ult) ~~(Golem) : Chira is slowed by her huge form (10/20/30% Slow)~~ (Extreme Force) : Chira does (2.5/5/7.5 Of her Max HP as Extra Physical Damage) Shurima's Vengence can be recast once to send tendrils to all enemies in range to curse them (Curse you!) : (On one enemy champion Chira will petrify/stun them for 2 seconds, However on multiple targets the stun is cut in a half for each hit.) 1 Enemy = 2 seconds, 2 Enemies = 1 Second stun 3 Enemies = .5 second Stun ETC.... Cooldown : (Exhaustion) Chira is extremely tired after Growing, long Cooldown (180/170/160 Seconds) Activating "Shurima's Vengence" resets all abilites and fills the Sand passive to 100% And that's my Idea for a new Female tank champion. I think she could fit into ANY role in the game currently and would be and pick or ban champion in higher play. @Anyone who comments, list ideas for nerfs AND buffs and anything that may be a good change for Chira! I want her to be balanced and fun to play, If you really enjoy the abilities someone do a Artwork of how you think she should look! BTW This concept is subject to many many changes. Anyways, @Riotemployees tell me your thoughts please {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Yours Truly ~Majesty Malice I, The Person being Majesty Malice, give explicit permission for any Riot employee to use or share my ideas anywhere they please.

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