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Hilt Ability Visuals
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**DISCLAIMER** I never really care for numbers, which is why I didn't include cool downs or actual stats for damage/health/resistances/etc. Just imagine whatever you find is balanced number-wise and let me know what you think about the mechanics/lore :) -------------------------------------------------- _Weapon – Heavy shield and sword. Sword extends into a razored whip with serrated cutlass-like hand-guard._ **P – Shifting Sands Foundation** Gains 5% tenacity for every spell Hilt casts. lasts for 4 seconds. **Q – Burning Sands Beckoning** Stabs ground and deals physical damage. After a delay, rips up, dealing physical damage and pulling enemies. **W – Conquering Step** Lunges forward with his shield, knocking minions out of the way and stunning the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage. Hitting a structure disarms it for 1.75 seconds. **E – Unburdened Defense** Plunges his shield into the ground, creating an aura that grants bonus magic damage, also applying on auto attacks and grants % armor and magic resist. **R – Shurima’s Advance** Marches forward with his vanguard supporting in an inverted V formation, being slowed by 30%, becoming unstoppable and dealing physical damage. Also gains a shield based on ability power and number of enemies nearby. ---------------------------------------------------------- **BIO** Hilt grew up with a knack of protection through ingenious methods. Being part of the newly arisen empire of Shurima, Hilt was recognized by Azir as an outstanding soldier and placed in his personal vanguard. After regularly displaying his talent of leadership and conquering, Hilt was approached by Azir to become Ascended. Coming down from the Sun Disc and deemed worthy, Hilt took the form of an armored lion brandishing armor that has the Sun Disc itself engraved into his armor. ------------------------------------------------------------ **LORE** The streets of Shurima were thriving. Laughter ricocheted off of sun baked walls as kids ran from each other in games of Conquer. One boy named Hilt would always excel in catching and corralling other boys into the “Emperors” arms, causing them to be “conquered” and in turn help the “Emperor” catch other boys until all of the boys were “conquered”. Hilt always found it a thrill to step into a boy’s only path of escape and see their laughter escape their mouths as they succumbed to being caught. Spectators regularly paused for a moment from their daily chores to see the clouds of sand float in the air from the kids running and reminisce of their own childhoods. The guards posted in the courtyard had recognized Hilt’s particular skills of anticipating the other children’s actions and acting beforehand, always taking the few steps needed to securely lock in the victory. This went on for years until the boys became enthralled by the fantasy of battle. Fashioning stray branches in the desert into wood swords and shields, the boys found excitement in a new game: Defend the Emperor. Naturally, Hilt found the most enjoyment by standing his ground in front of the boy declared Emperor. There came a point where Hilt would become the sole guard of the Emperor because of his ability to actually organize and advance the other guards through the ranks of the “invaders” and claim more ground than previously given at the start of the game as opposed to simply keeping the Emperor alive. The guards reported this to Shurima’s actual Emperor, Azir, who then asked to see this potential warrior himself. Azir organized a tournament in the style of the game the young men played. Excited, the group of friends signed up together to participate in this tournament for their age group. Tournament day came, leaving the city of Shurima the day free of obligations to attend this exciting new event. Boys spanning from the ages of nine to seventeen readied themselves for the day by checking their light armor and training weapons provided by Azir. Hilts group was giddy with anticipation, but Hilt took control of their energy and channeled it into focusing on the task at hand: Protect the Emperor. Azir wanted no prior knowledge of who this boy was that the guards were so strongly testifying for, so he could equally analyze all of his future soldiers’ abilities in the scenario of combat. Standing behind varying levels of protection, Azir carefully observed the boys and young men who valiantly stood their ground in front of charging foes in the ring. Azir was hoping that letting the contestants actually protect their real Emperor in the ring would spark an even greater urgency in performing their very best in keeping him safe. Wave after wave of varying levels of skill sifted through the tournaments strain until the final two groups were presented before the Emperor. Excited to see the two greatest groups of soldiers both defend and attack, Azir called them forth to their positions. Hilt’s group was first to defend, leaving the opposing group to attack. The young men in Hilt’s group quickly looked towards him so as to hear his plan. Hilt promptly stood each person in their position, calling out a formation putting him at the point with the others angling to either side of him, forcing the Emperor into the center of a pointed “V” shape. Azir found himself admiring Hilt’s group. Impressive that they would choose this bold formation. It hasn’t been used this entire tournament. Is the boy at the point the one being so highly praised by my guards? Drums beat the starting rhythm, spurring the attackers into action. Charging forward, the approaching group saw Hilt’s formation and faltered in both step and in battle cries. With a smile, Hilt bellowed “Advance!” The young men stepped in tandem towards the hesitant attackers. Confusion quickly turned into fear as the attackers realized that they had lost all momentum and strategical cohesion. Hilt stepped into the messy cluster of attackers with his shield smashing swords out of hands and landing blows that were considered killing blows as his trail of comrades did the same, making quick work of the attackers with only one casualty on Hilt’s end. Remarkable. This boy converted defense into an impenetrable offense. Azir kept his reaction minimal, whereas the crowd reacted in the opposite manner by clapping and cheering at the unexpected turn of battles tide. Roles were quickly swapped between the two groups since the first round was ended in a swift fashion. Hilt’s group were restless with excitement of their rapid victory, but being the capable leader, Hilt forced them to remain calm and focus on the task at hand. With the beat of the drum, Hilt and his group now had the chance to win the tournament in this next round and be the first ever victors. Hilt stepped confidently forward in a crouch, but this time he was the last man in the line. What is this tactic? They are lined up in an open mouth with the back being closed at an angle. They took their last formation and reversed it? Why would they do that? Azir queried. Again, the opposing group was confused and thrown off of their guard. In their eyes, however, this was an easy victory; They can pick off the outer formation easily as they filed into the boys copied formation of Hilt’s previous defense. The steady, measured steps of Hilt’s advancement caused a silence to fall over the spectators as they anxiously awaited how the unique offensive formation would fair against the previously demonstrated wedge of fortitude. The two groups met, but what wasn’t foreseen was Hilt’s call of attack instead of a frenzy of individual strokes and lunges. On Hilt’s bark the first two figures placed their shields in front of them in a defensive stance while keeping their practice swords poised on top of their shields, positioning for a stabbing motion. The rest held their shields to the outside of the “V” formation creating one strong wall and angled their swords to the mouth of the opening. The defenders stood firm in their formation, but a closer observer could see the sweat of fear trickling down their necks and the weakening of their knees. Synchronized strikes and lashes from Hilt’s soldiers clashed and cut down the defendants’ uniformity. Defense’s fell and Azir was left standing with Hilt poised to strike him down with one easy stroke. Hilt was praised as a courageous, clever leader by both the audience and his fellow group members. Proud of his work and his friends’ victory, Hilt credited his friends with the Sun Disc medal granted as the reward of being the tournament victors. Azir took Hilt aside from the celebration and held a quiet conversation with him. “As you can see, Shurima is quite impressed and excited from your performance in todays tournament. I know you are feeling exhilarated about this victory, but I can make this swell of pride you feel now expand across all of Shurima. I have already spoken to your mother and father; They have agreed to place you under my supervision and training.” Hilt stood stunned by his Emperor’s words. The very thought of being in Shurima’s army made Hilt’s chest swell. “I’d be honored, Emperor.” ----------------------------------------- Hilt’s now war-seasoned mind introduced new tactics to Shurima that led to the greatest momentum of claiming land with less causalities than ever recorded in such aggressive, driven conquests. He swept through the deserts of Runeterra and every step he took left the name of Shurima in his wake. Hilt pushed until he hit the wall of Mount Targon, which he found could not be conquered. Hilt quickly left Mount Targon to reign over its own mystic people and canvassed the north-west coast all the way back to the far east of what was becoming the continent of Shurima. Braving the jungles that resided near Shurima’s ever expanding borders, Hilt was heavily alerted to creatures that roamed these trees were not to be thought as light effort, so with cautious step Hilt had a scouting party travel ahead. A few days later, Hilt walked into the tree line a mere few yards before he saw his scouts armor scratched, dented, and scattered across the jungle floor. Hilt mourned his lost men and turned his vanguard around to head back to Shurima. Though Hilt was upset with his performance, Azir stood before Hilt and proclaimed his pride for Hilt’s efforts and successful conquest. Wanting to have Hilt by his side for life times to come, Azir called for an Ascending ceremony to be prepared for. Soon, Azir would have the greatest guardian Shurima has ever witnessed for centuries bear over his – Shurima’s – desires. Hilt organized his most trusted members in his vanguard and stood ready to protect the Emperor and the newly Ascended being. When Azir approached the Sun Disc with no personage at his side, Hilt puzzled over why this ceremony was called. When Azir stepped in front of Hilt and beckoned him to step forward into the Sun Disc’s beacon, Hilt expressed a flash of shock and wonder, then straightened his shoulders and puffed out his chest even more. Stepping into the pillar of light, Hilt was raised off the ground as his arms were raised into a “T” formation, both his sword and shield emanating the same burning glow of the Sun Disc. A moment of suspense hung in the air for what felt like minutes to the same spectators that were enraptured many years ago with Hilt’s first performance in the tournament. Gasp’s escaped the congregation when a padded paw stepped out of the light, then an armored leg. A rounded shoulder bearing a dark amber shoulder guard. A barreled chest with a Sun Disc boldly glowing on the heavy piece of armor. A mane so magnificent and full, that it was not hindered by any such thing as the perfect armor its host wore. Hilt roared a triumphant, proud roar as his lion form was completely beholden by the people of Shurima. The crowd returned his call of pride as he flicked his sword into the air, the blade now elongated and with the ability to extend into a razor-sharp whip. Hilt stood tall, prepared to die for these people that echoed his cry, but death would not come soon.
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