Neeko ultimate rework

So I really love Neeko, her concept and even her gameplay, up until a certain point: her ultimate. Her ultimate just feels so out of place with her character theme and gameplay, and since being nerfed to no longer slow before casting, it's even harder to actually make use of. It isn't terrible, or even bad really, but I have an idea that i feel would be more fitting to her theme as a shape-shifter. **My idea is this:** For a short period of time, Neeko becomes a fully functioning clone of the allied champion she is currently camouflaged as, gaining access to all of their abilities (with AP scaling), passives and basic attacks. Perhaps this could be too broken, but I'm sure there is a way it could be balanced and obviously not all champions would be useful to shape-shift into anyway. Well, i personally think that would be a lot more fun and fitting, thematically, and she would be more of an actual **shape shifting champion** like we all thought in the beginning. Let me know what you think and any ideas for keeping it balanced. Thanks!

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