I played LoL today and came to a thought while playing a melee champion (as I always do) vs ranged champion when I came off a thought that maybe combining melee and "range" could be a new mechanic for a champ. As I started to think about a concept, things started to take "shape" and I thought of a valkyrie-like champion using spear and shield, and being fairly armoured. A champion with a long spear as its main weapon, which would give the champion more reach but still let it be melee attacks. The champion would not be considered a "ranged" champion, but a melee champion, but have a bit longer range than normal "melee range". This would give a melee champion the ability to poke and harass more in lane, by just using basic attacks and it could make way for a playstyle where a melee champion can "kite" the enemy. This also makes a lot of sense from a historical/realistic point of view, because essentially a spear is long so you can stab from longer distances with it, which is hugely beneficial. I have not made a name yet, so I will just call it "Valk" for now (and feel free to suggest a champion name in the comments, as well as any feedback). Here are some ability suggestions: Passive: deadly reach Deadly Reach: Valk has a long spear, which gives her the ability to attack from further away. Every third attack also slows the target briefly. Q: (name suggestions?) Mana: Cooldown: 20 seconds Active: After a short delay, Valk thrusts her spear forward in a straight narrow line. She is aiming for one of the enemy's legs, in an attempt to immobilize them. She can walk freely during the wind-up, but cant attack or use any other spells during this time (including summoner spells). During the thrust, she also «dashes» shortly forward. The first enemy champion hit or large monster is slowed and take full damage, while all other minions hit take a % less damage. Additionally, this inflicts grievous wounds that reduce their healing. w: Valhalla Knight Mana: Cooldown: 10 seconds Active: Valk creates a small shield wall in front of her, which completely ignores damage taken from that angle and absorbs it for the first 0.5 seconds, heals from the damage and all CC from enemy abilities is reduced. After 0.5 seconds she gains an HP-shield and she begins to thrust her spear quickly in front of her, damaging all enemies for up to 5 seconds. Valk can move during Valhalla Knight, but not change the direction of the shield wall or the spear-attacks. If she loses the HP-shield, she also loses the active part of the ability and it goes on cooldown. It can also be cancelled after 0.5 seconds, by pressing W again. E: (suggestions) R: (suggestions)

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