What is Riots Policy on taking Inspiration from Fan made skins?

Tahm Kench in Wonderland - League of Legends Fan Skin, Leon Ropeter
I had this idea of a Cheshire Cat Tahm Kench for quite a while now, so I took an old sketch, improved the design by applying what i've learned in the meanwhile and thought about what the skills could look like. Also I did some Ward Skins that fit the Alice in Wonderland theme.
This has been a question I've posed to myself and others for quite awhile, and I feel I ought to just ask the source itself rather then beat around a bush with several other 3rd party references/sources. When it comes to fan art and fan suggestions, I am aware that some if not a few are taken into consideration and then tossed back and forth between the faculty of riot before even being considered as a publishable idea, but just how often are those ideas (the ones that are tossed around I mean) originate from the ideas of fans, or the like? In this post I've linked a URL of what i believe an ingenious take on the Tahm Kench caricature. The Cheshire Cat being an iconic symbol of mystery, endearment, and danger all wrapped into one. A role, that the more I ponder, fits Tahm Kench better then a glove, it fits more like skin lol. Admittedly I hold a bias seeing as Tahm Kench is my all time favorite, if not my second all time favorite champion created from the beautiful and colorful creators at Riot; so upon seeing this rendition of a potential skin for Tahm, i couldn't help but immediately grow attached. All this context and pretext leads me to my initial and primary inquiry, what is the likelihood of an idea like this coming to fruition? This is a shout out made directly to a Riot Faculty member if I would be so lucky as to have this post be read by one of you. But in all seriousness, seeing as this beautiful rendition belongs to Leon Ropeter, "IF" the process for a skin like this would be completed, would you have to buy the rights to the idea from Leon? Or perhaps has Riot ever considered contracting ideas like this out to the community? The idea seems rather odd, and I don't know the first thing when it comes to running a business such as yours (perhaps the legal jargon is already giving you who are reading this a headache). But if i can be frank, with a community as incorporated and invested in a game and universe as the one you've created, making a tool where the community can directly share its ideas with you as content creators, may very well be the exact thing that this game needs to truly become not only history worthy, but phenomenal as well. The new corner stone of community game. And I can't think of a better platform to test the functionality of such an idea as League of Legends. Perhaps I am over stepping my bounds to a degree, or perhaps my dreams of grandeur are just that, dreams...But if Riot really does take into account the ideas and ideals of its fan base, and simply based off the more recent Illaoi skin post, and further back the Pantheon Baker skin, I think you do; you may be very surprised by the amount of positive feed back ( and for those of you looking at the financial aspects of riot) and the sort of positive revenue an idea like this might give you guys over at Riot :). That's all I just thought I'd ask the question and pose an idea of a solution. CIAO! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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