Golden chroma being released for the 2012 Championship version of Riven.

Hello, I'm new around these types of discussions, I'm here to suggest that the _2012 Championship_ Riven skin should also have a golden chroma as well as the 2016 version. There's been multiple discussions of this recently on mainly Reddit/some Discords i'm in usually receiving a lot of positive feedback because there's been a constant tease of the 2012 Version (The version with the crown) being golden, this includes being in the client itself, and ending up actually just being only for the 2016 version. I've not come here to be salty, but a lot of the original CS owners feel a bit ripped off from this? It seems like everyone feels similar by feeling a bit mixed about this since, to have the skin re-released (when said it wouldn't be re-released in the first place), then these types of perks go to **only** the 2016 version, leaving the 2012 version in the dust. It's evident the model etc. is already made, so why not just implement it as a separate version? I had a discussion with a Rioter on Twitter about how this would be problematic because: 1. People have already spent their tokens on the 2016 version, so they may feel annoyed about earning them again for the Original version (If they had to buy the original chroma again) 2. [(Source)]( Apparently different regions have different approaches/treatments to the Championship 2012 Riven skin(?) 3. [(Source)]( They decided 2016 was the better candidate because it didn't limit the amount of people that could get it. So I have a few solution to these issues: 1. Release a 2012 version of the Chroma in hex-tech crafting for 400 Tokens, _maybe_ allowing users to ask for a refund of the tokens/a change via support/tickets. 2. Release a 2012 version of the Chroma and once users with the 2012 Skin purchase the 2016 version with the 400 tokens, they'd have the Chroma(s) for both 2016 and 2012 versions. 3. Release a 2012 version of the Chroma and just mass-add it to the accounts with Championship Riven, it's evident this is possible since it was done with the 2016 version of the skin.
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