POOL PARTY EVELYNN (Concept w/ art)

i apologize for the messiness of this, my anatomy could use a lot of work, and the lines are so sloppy. it's a pretty basic concept that definitely could use some work, but as someone that loves evelynn (both pre and post rework) i'd love to see her get a new skin :) [boop](https://i.imgur.com/B9S7JXQ.png) hair would be swept up into a bun, sunglasses now the lashers are what i had trouble with. i went with a scarf but was worried it'd be too similar to pp fiora. i also had the idea of maybe a towel around her waist for lashers, but i couldn't really figure that one out. obv a bikini, with connector rings (hard to explain LOL) i had no idea what to do for shoes soooo nakey feet rn LMAO probably some elegant minimal sandals, or sandals with heels? stealth form would be hair falls out of bun, palette darkens etc abilities are very much works in progress, but the q quill would be her throwing out a beach ball, and the spikes would be water w heart would be a heart with maybe sun rays coming out? or an ice cream cone :) ice cream would be cute but probably not for clarity e would be her piercing with the scarf/pulling her to the target with her scarf r is a lil tricky. im torn between her blinding the area in front of her with sunlight, or torrents of water. my art is obv not the best, but i thought i'd try anyways LMAO
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