Cahira : the Priestess Of Death Lore: Work in Progress, Will he updated soon. Kit: Passive “Prayer” Cahira wishes death upon her enemies, causing them to take 5/6/7/10 magic damage per second when they are near her. Q1 “Bring Agony” Cahira swings Agony (her spear) in a forward line, Dashing and Knocking up any enemies caught in the dash, and doing 80/90/100/120 physical damage. Q2 “Seek Relief” Cahira Stabs an enemie with Relief, slowing them by 20% and dealing 4/5/6/7% of their current HP W “death is life” Passive effect: Every 5 monsters/champions/minions to die around Cahira heals her for 10/20/30/50 hp. Cahira can activate to heal surrounding minions and allies for 50/60/70/100 at the cost of her hp 50/60/70/110 E “Light and Dark” Cahira switches between Agony and Relief Passive “Agony” while Agony is active Cahira gains extra auto attack range, and upon the switch to Agony, gains a adaptive damage shield. “Relief” while Relief is active, Cahira gains increased attack speed, and onhit damage, but rapidly loses 25 mana per second. R “Wrath of the forsaken” Cahira remembers being betrayed, and for 4 seconds she gains increased HP and adaptive damage. Upon her death, she transfers 20% of her max HP to the nearest ally champion.
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