[Champion Concept] Magnet Magician, the Utility Minionmancer

#Thematic Every summon in the game, whether plant-based or a Voidling, is about offensive power. This kit answers: **what if the minions were wholly about their utility?** Magnet Magician uses a unique minion called a Construct that cannot fight or tank, but in exchange has the highest mobility of any summon in the game. Constructs set up for Magnet Mage's unique Crowd Control: **Magnetize**, which forces opponents to mimic the movement of Magnet Mage. Paired with Repel and the Colossal Construct, Magnet Mage is able to choose between using Constructs to set up telegraphed picks from a distance, putting the Constructs in defensive formations to mitigate dives, or a mixture of both! *** #Magnet Magician > [https://www.hiveworkshop.com/data/ratory-images/63/63686-0ce465f3d6057ddabb8c4bfc5d955094.jpg](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btn-blueorb.57387/#resource-50531) > ##Minion - Magnetic Constructs > The minions of the Magnet Mage are called *Constructs*. Constructs hover slightly above the ground; they pass over walls, cannot autoattack, grant no vision, have no collision, have no tether range, and cannot be destroyed. They expire after some time. > > **Constructs mimic the movement of the Magnet Mage.** For example: if the Magnet Mage walks left 500 units, the Constructs will also move left 500 units. If the Magnet Mage is knocked back, the Construct will move an equal amount in the same direction. Constructs will not mimic flashes or teleports. ___ > [https://www.hiveworkshop.com/data/ratory-images/73/73172-a039f0b913dc8d70fb272f1322de378b.jpg](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btncharge.123529/#resource-54361) > ##Passive - Electromagnetism > Various effects in the kit will cause enemies to become *Charged*, slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds *upon application. * > > If a Charged enemy is autoattacked by the Magnet Mage (ranged), the target receives a small amount of damage and the charge activates, causing an effect called *Magnetize* > > *Magnetized* targets behave like Constructs for the next 1.5 seconds: they mimic the movements of Magnet Magician. They become unable to walk normally, but may still autoattack and use non-movement abilities. This effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every 3 seconds. ___ > [https://www.hiveworkshop.com/data/ratory-images/63/63686-0ce465f3d6057ddabb8c4bfc5d955094.jpg](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btn-blueorb.57387/#resource-50531) > ##W - Construct > The Magnet Mage picks a location within a 800 / 900 / 1000 / 1100 / 1200 radius. Over 2 seconds, a magnetic construct visibly rises from the ground at the location. It will not move or benefit from abilities until fully summoned. Each construct lasts for 15 seconds. > > This ability works on a charge system, to a maximum of 3 charges. Up to 4 constructs can exist at any one time (not counting Magnetized enemies). ___ > [https://www.hiveworkshop.com/data/ratory-images/97/97106-fb6f152fddfd632bfdfeade1a02aa75c.jpg](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btncrpushf.208635/#resource-61813) > ##Q - Repel > All enemies next to the Magnet Mage are knocked back a small distance. 1 second later, all enemies around a Construct are knocked back as well. > > Enemies hit by two Repels at once are stunned for 1.5 seconds and become Charged. ___ > [https://www.hiveworkshop.com/data/ratory-images/94/94760-596d9c7c3ffe08a47251ef2413dae689.jpg](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btnlightningorcboltform.199567/#resource-61132) > ##E - Polarity > The Magnet Mage dashes toward a location (similar to Lucian's). Constructs mimic the direction of motion. > > Any enemies hit by the dash or by any of the Constructs will become Charged for 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 seconds. ___ > [https://www.hiveworkshop.com/data/ratory-images/63/63694-47afc71034fc3a2f3eca6e6b594ecf2d.jpg](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btn-purpleorb.57389/#resource-50533) > ##R - Magnetic Colossus > A colossal Construct rises at a location over 2 seconds, range of 800. It lasts for 15 seconds. This construct behaves the same as the others, but Magnet Mage gains moderate movement speed when runnning toward it. > >[https://www.hiveworkshop.com/data/ratory-images/87/87458-147552769416b63439f955d171c05f3a.jpg](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btntremor.171356/#resource-58848) > > The ultimate may be reactivated just once, causing the Colossus to smash to the ground after a 0.5s delay for moderate damage. Nearby Uncharged enemies become Charged for 3-7s (based on Polarity's rank). If already Charged, they instead become Magnetized. It also becomes a terrain object (Trundle Pillar) that can still use Repel. > > Summoning Constructs onto the Colossus increases its size, its Repel radius, and its AOE smash range/damage. At base size, the activation radius is the size of a Malphite Ult. At absolute maximum with 6 constructs, it is the size of an Amumu ult. ___ #Observations **I've avoided filling the kit with damage numbers or cooldowns.** I feel it's important for a kit to conceptually stand by itself before numbers get added, since those are always tuneable. My intuitive estimates though: Constructs readily spammable at about once per 4-5 seconds assuming ample cooldown reduction; Polarity on a short cooldown; and Repel on a moderate-to-short cooldown; Auto range roughly with other utility mages like Janna and Soraka; Magnetizing deals decent damage early that falls off rapidly; Constructs will never deal damage with Repel or Polarity, but maybe Magnet Mage should? **Magnetized targets behave like Constructs in every way, including being able to use Repel / Polarity, and also floating over walls.** This is what makes the CC particularly dangerous! **Magnetized Targets can still fight back!** Magnet Mage lacks any defensive skills to mitigate the damage, meaning that Repel is the big saving grace to push Magnetized targets outside of retaliatory autoattack range. While good for picks, Magnetize is especially useful at pulling off divers from a carry, potentially even dropping the enemy across a wall. By themselves, Constructs are unable to deal any damage at all. Instead, their primary use comes from their sheer summon range; while they take 2 seconds to appear, once they're set up in a location, they cannot be dismantled at all, constantly forcing enemies to reevaluate their harass position. **Two constructs summoned next to each other will ALWAYS stay next to each other.** This can form a short wall of sorts that can completely zone out enemies who cannot risk getting stunned by the double-Repel. Front liners must be especially wary because if caught, they may be pushed toward the Magnet Mage who can establish a quick Magnetize to pull the foe into the team. While the Colossus is powerful as a zoning tool, Constructs cannot rotate around the Magnet Mage. Placing the Colossus in a Northeast position might completely stop enemies from entering from that direction, but they can move in through the river instead, and now that Construct is floating in a non-contested position. Charge can still be useful even without magnetizing targets; a 40% slow is very potent, especially since applying Charge with Polarity or the Colossus is not as hard as Magnetizing. Technically a Magnetized target will follow the pull of a Thresh lantern picked up by Magnet Mage. But then you're playing a team that has two supports... ___ #Combos >**Summon -> Wait 1 Second -> Repel** Repel takes 1 second to transfer to the Constructs. Constructs take 2 seconds to spawn. This means using Repel a second before the summon completes allows the Repel to transfer the instant the Construct is active - a long-ranged repel to stop fleeing foes! >**Polarity -> Construct hits Enemy -> Enemy is Charged -> Autoattack -> Magnetize** While the Magnet Mage can Charge enemies with their own body using a Polarity dash, this puts them at risk of retaliation from the magnetized target. Using a Construct to do the job is much less risky, though then Magnet Mage can't use Polarity to drag the poor fool into the team. >**Autoattack -> Polarity -> Body hits enemy -> Auto hits enemy -> Enemy is Charged -> Magnetize -> Repel** Alternatively when a Construct isn't nearby, Repel can help do the job at keeping them an arm's length away. Because autoattacks have a travel time, using it before Polarity can also create an instant-magnetize in a pinch. >**Summon Colossus -> Run Toward Colossus -> Summon Constructs in direction of Colossus** While not listed, Constructs don't need to fully summon to join the Colossus. If heading off to Baron or Dragon for a contest, summoning Constructs on-the-go is a good way to get a big CC bomb to drop on the enemy team. Though, putting in too many Constructs will make it one of Magnet Mage's only contributions for the fight. >**Colossus -> Polarity -> Colossus hits Enemy for Charge -> Activate Colossus** Polarity can make Constructs charge enemies, including the Colossus Construct. Using the Colossus to Polarize an enemy is a guaranteed Magnetize with a reactivation. Though, that means Polarize can't be used to drag those magnetized targets toward the team anymore. >**Double Repel -> Push toward team -> Stun -> Autoattack -> Magnetize -> Polarity into team -> Repel** The dream combo. If Polarity isn't used to activate the initial Charge, it can be saved to pull targets into the team. Then if Repel is used, the Magnetized foe will push all enemies away, including those moving in to help out! Though, good luck getting into range without getting torn apart! ___ # Laning Phase Intended as a Support, Magnet Mage lacks the shields, heals, and resistance bonuses common among traditional peelers. **They instead offer significant peeling power through setting up Constructs around the carry, who is now mostly immune to diving.** Alternatively, a Construct can be placed to face the river to stop potential danger. Keep note that Constructs grant no vision, and that Repel doesn't activate on the Constructs until a second after activation. If against a more poke-heavy lane, **Magnet Mage primarily fights back through constantly trying to force enemies between two summoned Constructs to hit a double repel to stun then for an easy Magnetize, which has respectable damage in the early game.** However, a stunned target isn't too useful if they're repeled away rather than forward, made trickier because enemies can see the incoming Repel by watching Magnet Mage. Autoattacks have travel time which is crucial to maximize the benefits of Magnetize. **If Magnet Mage tosses out an auto and then backs away, the effective distance of Magnetize increases, reducing retaliation potential.** Similarly, since Constructs don't start moving until their 2-second summoning time finishes, Magnet Mage can extend the tether range of Constructs by summoning them and then moving backward. Mobi Boots got a new use here! ___ I hope you've enjoyed this writeup! It was a fun exercise for me, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also apologies for not being able to come up with a good name ahaha. All icons clickable to their original source.
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