Debonair Caitlyn

Hey guys! I took some time in the past couple of days to throw together a quick Debonair Caitlyn concept for fun! I really hope Riot decides to make a Debonair Cait eventually, Caitlyn is like, the *embodiment * of that skin line. She's the ultimate classy lady. Hope you guys like it! Took a lot of reference from Jayce, Ez, and Vi, of course, but tried to add Caitlyn's own little personal touches to the skin. I'll probably take some time in the future to go back and polish it up a little more. UPDATE: NOW WITH 100% MORE GUN AND CUPCAKES Made a concept for her rifle and Yordle Snap Traps when I got home from work tonight! They could be more refined but I wanted to get them up here before the thread lost popularity. Thanks so much for your feedback everyone! Took a lot of reference from the Debonair Mercury Hammer and Vi and Ez's gauntlets. I liked the idea of her weapons incoporating hextech mechanics, so the glowing blue components are literally a LoL mana bar! {{champion:51}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:254}} *"Ezreal, dear, the tie is a nice start, but we really **must** do something about that hair of yours."* *"Nonsense, Vi, you look splendid! Although I do wish that, maybe just once, you'd consider a night out **without** the gloves."*
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