New Champion suggestion [Champion Concept] (Sniper)

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English is not my first languages, so sorry for my mistakes! This is a sort form of the description because I need some time and idea, to make the full story and description. I do not own that picture I just found it on the internet, but it is exactly that what I needed. I will be really happy if any of the dev. team will respond for it or anyone is tell me where I need to write to they can see this or how it is working. I hope any of them will respond for it. My new champion is really unique! (this is real sniper charakter) Story: This is an AI champion. Created by an Piltover inventor, who lived in Zaun because of his exile! His name is Edmund Burke. He wanted to create the new generation of soilders, with more accuracy and more brutality without any mistake. After 10 years of hard work he made the first AI which was able to make decisions what depend on his experience. His AI is totally different than {{champion:112}} 's {{champion:53}}. He avoid the magic and hextech from miles. During his science work he discovered 2 main thing (the laser as a weapon and a new material what is more harder then diamond) he used these 2 thing, to create his masterpiece! (The story is not complete) **Abouth the champ:** Name: A.C.U. (Artificial Combat Unit) "Danger of The Future" This champ, has significant attack range, but I tried to make it balanced. 1. This champ cannot shot critical hit. 2. It's fix attack speed. (1.00 and 2.00) I explain it later. 3. His movement speed only can be increased by critical hit chance, and it's max limit 100. ( His base movement speed is 375), so it can be max 475 and every 10% critical hit chance convert into 1% bonus adaptive damage of the target's missing heal, so on 100% he get 10%. 4. The champ don't have any root, stun and any escape ability. So he easy can be killed by an suprise attack or in 1vs1. The champ doesn't have any power or mana, and he has a drone what he can use for exploring, in the story and in the game it's do the same in a 3000 range, the drone is untargetable, the player can send him anywhere in this range to explore, with the Q buttom. It's 3 passive : 1.: Laser weapons: (he can change the firing mod of his wepon). Each firing mod has advantages and disadvantages. In sniper firing mod it has 1300 attack range, but 1.00 attack speed, however in rifle firing mod it has 2.00 attack speed and is has 1300 attack range but half damage. So these 2 weapons cause the same damage, only the attack speed and the damage are the differences between them. And he get at the start 100% of the damage what he get from the items, only from them, so if you bring the gathering storm rune the damage from it not counted into it. The damage bonus can be increased for 300% with attack speed (1% attack speed mean 1% bonus damage) and with the W ability's passive. The damage bonus what he would get from any dragon didn't counted into the bonus damage, only the damage from items. So it cannot incraised with it or with the baron. (I counted it most of the ADC champs cause 1400-1800 damage per second from 550-650 range and this camp cause 750-900 damage per second from 1300 range so it's balanced, and those bonuses, what I wrote to you before abouth the critical hit chance. 2.: (The name of the new material) (There I need some time, or some tip from you to what will be it's name!) This make 2 things, after every minions what this champ killed he got 2 heal, and after every big monster and big minions he got 5 heal. The other thing is he has doubled base armor, then the other ADC, due to the new material. He can be killed muck more easier with magic power, and he much more vulnerable against those champs, what use ability what depens on magic power. Such as:{{champion:107}},{{champion:131}},{{champion:79}},{{champion:28}},{{champion:105}},{{champion:86}},{{champion:74}},{{champion:120}},{{champion:145}},{{champion:11}},{{champion:14}},{{champion:29}},{{champion:238}},{{champion:142}},{{champion:8}},{{champion:56}},{{champion:103}}{{champion:4}}......... These all champion has at least 1 ability which make them invulnerable or get themselves enought close to that champ to finish him. 3.: He has a cloaking ability, when the enemy don't hit him and he don't attack at least 5 second he become invisible, and he can move invisible, then the enemy champs. can spot him in a range, but if he don't move, then they cannot spot him, like {{champion:17}}'s ability. Q: He can control his drone, to explore the area, it's passive: Armor destabilizer laser: It's a passive effect: It's give him on level 1: 5% lethality level 2: 10% ..........level 5: 25% I write here % because it's not make him a much more effective against the other ADSs. W: Changing firing mod: He change his wepon's firing mod it depens on the situation, and it's passive effect give on every level 26% bonus damage to 100%, so on level 1 you get 126% damage from the items. On level 5 you get 230% damage from items. E: He place a laser trap, what is remain on the map forever, but he has only 5 trap on the map in the same time and he cannot place them on each other, so he cannot make a bush into a hell. And these bombs have damage are not counted suddenly 47% of the damage is converting into bleeding what is drain from your life that damage what convert into bleeding. The bleeding is happaning in 8 second and during this any heal not matter how much heal It heals back is eliminates the effect. On livel 1: 47% of the damage is bleeding and on level 5: 33% of the damage is bleeding. The explosen is happaning in an area, and slow down the enemy 25% for 2 second. R: He can target an enemy champ like {{champion:51}} with his ulty, but if the enemy champ has 5% of his life or less he got a mark and the ulti is execute him and reduce the cooldown of the ability 100% the shot can be blocked by ally or any big monster but not by minions, during the shot's coming if you are healed, then the shot will not kill you even if your life is under that damage what the ability can cause, this only happaned, when you had the critical % of your life, when the ability is activated. On level 3 it's happening if the enemy champ has 15% of his life or less. This ability's passive is the bonus attack range: on level 1 it give you 200 attack range, so on level 3 you totally have 1300. The base attack range of the champ is 700. I need some suggestion from the community abouth tha passiv's name or any balance suggestion or ability or anything what come into your minds, and don't forget to like or dislike it. Write to me, if you think the champ is unbalanced. I have another picture, for that champ, but I cannot decide which one is better. Pls help me decide if you want. Here is the link:
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