Gentleman Jax & Gentleman Yasuo. Hear me out!

So I was daydreaming in class today and I just realized that {{champion:24}} Jax, whose gimmick is that he doesn't use a real weapon (*cough* God staff and Nemesis *cough*) and I thought what other inoffensive object he could use as a weapon that he didn't: An umbrella. It could be a good way of expending the Gentlemen skinline, especially since Gentleman Jax would probably look more or less like the Groom Boss from Castle Crashers ( but with his iconic blue eyes through that visor. His Q leap could open the umbrella and graciously hover to the enemy Mary Popins-like, same with his E - open the umbrella and go helicopter. As for his ult, add some clasic filler-effects -- maybe a pocketwatch (think Gentleman Gnar) or something. I have to admit this sounds pretty basic and im sure someone else thought of it before, but it's just an obvious skin that deserves to see the light of day, maybe in a group-release alongside other Gentleman skins. Maybe {{champion:157}} Yasuo? Kayn {{champion:141}} -- with shadow assassin form adding a fedora/tophat and monocle/fancy glasses while Rhaast could have a torn tuxedo and a tophat, that'd be funny.
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