The Mischievous Adventures part 373

(Next day) {{champion:202}}: THAT IS IT! I HAD HAVE IT! THOSE TWO ARE FIRED FROM THIS SHOW!" {{champion:427}}: "Mr. Jhin-" {{champion:202}}: "NO!! I am sorry Mr. Ivern, but those two are done. This entire show is ruined because of them!" {{champion:497}}: "That's funny coming from you." {{champion:202}}: "Huh!? Well you finally seem to come back. Well too late, you're fired! Since you two were both late you ruined this show I worked so hard on!" {{champion:103}}: "Cut the crap you imposter." {{champion:427}}: "Imposter?" {{champion:202}}: "And who are you?" {{champion:103}}: "I'm Jhin's relative Ahri." {{champion:202}}: "I have no such relative, guards take them out." {{champion:498}}: "I knew you say that, hey everyone look at this!" *Takes out some articles* {{champion:202}}: "W-What are you doing?" {{champion:498}}: "One fatal night the famous playwriter Jhin got into a nasty car crash. Did anyone knew that he got in a car crash?" {{champion:427}}: "I heard about it, but someone just told me." {{champion:202}}: "What? Why-What does that have to do with-" {{champion:498}}: "And when he was rushed to the hospital, he met a janitor that looked exactly the same as him. Do you remember him Jhin?" {{champion:202}}: "O-Of course! He was an bright man! Now what that got to do with-" {{champion:498}}: "Then a few days later..." {{champion:202}}: "Stop cutting me off!" {{champion:498}}: "He miraculously healed completely, then left like nothing ever happened." {{champion:497}}: "But the strange thing was is that when he left, the janitor was never found." {{champion:202}}: "...Oh you-Guards! Arrest them at once!" {{champion:103}}: "What's wrong Jhin, why are you scared? Afraid that we caught you." {{champion:202}}: "Y-You didn't catch me, I'm not guilty of anything! You have no proof!" {{champion:103}}: "Except Identity theft, and we do have proof." *Holds up an album* {{champion:202}}: "Now what?" {{champion:103}}: "Tell me Jhin, have you had plastic surgery ever in your life?" {{champion:202}}: "No, I hate it." {{champion:103}}: "Then explain the scar on your right eye." {{champion:202}}: "...……" {{champion:427}}: "...….." Staff and Guards: "........." {{champion:103}}: "Well?" {{champion:202}}: "...." *Tries to run away, but gets caught by the guards* "Gah! Wait, I-" {{champion:103}}: "I don't want to hear it." {{champion:427}}: "So...Mr. Jhin wasn't Mr. Jhin after all..." {{champion:498}}: "Yeah almost sounds like a drama play...heh." {{champion:103}}: "We're sorry we ruined your show Mr. Ivern." {{champion:427}}: "It's fine, I'm just happy a man like that is put to justice. But now that I think about it, where's the real Mr. Jhin." {{champion:497}}: "I...Don't think he survived." {{champion:427}}: "Oh...well...I'm sorry." {{champion:103}}: "It's fine, though I do like to thank you two. I owe you one." {{champion:498}}: "Aww it was nothing." {{champion:497}}: "Yeah we really just guessed." {{champion:103}}: "But it put a thief to justice, and my relative at possible ease." {{champion:498}}: "So, do you want a celebratory hug?" {{champion:103}}: "Haha, why not?"
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