Cho'Gath VGU Concept #2: The Great Maw

[]( again boards! It's me, the person who should probably get a life but refuses to because I could just talk about Cho'Gath instead. I've been cooking up a lot of Cho'Gath VGU/Lore ideas for a while now and I've had this one just sitting for a few months, so I thought I'd share. For those of you who like a view reminiscent of LoL Wiki (complete with color coding for damage types and icons for debuffs) feel free to take a look [here]( For those of you who despise following links and feel that boards format is best, I'll do my best to transcribe it here as well! --------------------- #Cho'Gath VGU Concept #2: The Great Maw **Role**: AP JUGGERNAUT **Damage Type: ** MAGIC/TRUE DAMAGE **Primary Resource: ** MANA **Base Attack Range: ** 125-200 UNITS (BASED ON SIZE) **Gameplay: ** A vile creature from the Void who grows into a terrifying Kaiju. Cho'Gath is an immobile juggernaut who devastates his enemies with powerful Area of Effect spells and his massive size. --------- #Appearance ---------- #Passive: Eater of Worlds Cho’Gath is a growing threat. Each enemy he kills is consumed to make him grow stronger. -Killing minions and small monsters grants a stack of _**“Devourer”**_ (large monsters grant 3). Earning a _**“Devourer”**_ stack grants Cho’Gath increased _health_ _and mana regen_ for 3 seconds. -At 50 stacks, Cho’Gath converts his accumulated _**“Devourer”**_ stacks into a stack of **_“Great Devourer.”_** _**“Devourer”**_ stacks are reduced to 0. -Killing a Champion or Epic Monster grants a stack of _**“Great Devourer”**_ without consuming _**“Devourer”**_ stacks. -_**“Great Devourer”**_ stacks increase Cho’Gath’s **Maximum Health** by 5%, increase his **size** (% size increase goes up with Cho’Gath’s level), and **interact with his abilities**. ------------- #Q: Blooming Corruption Cho’Gath flicks his spiny tail, launching a burst of spikes in the target direction one after the other. (separate projectiles that travel the same distance but land one after the other, always goes from outside in.) -The spikes stick to the ground at the target location, or to enemies that are struck. Struck enemies take **40/70/100/130/160 (+40% AP) Magic Damage** and are **slowed by 30%**. -After a 1s delay, the spikes burst into growths of Void matter, dealing **60/115/170/225(+65% AP) Magic Damage** and **rooting** all enemies caught in the blast for **1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 seconds.** -The width and blast radius of this spell increase as Cho’Gath grows in size. **Mana Cost:** 60 AT ALL RANKS. **Cooldown:** 12/11/10/9/8 SECONDS. **Range:** 700 UNITS. **Projectile Width:** 30-60 BASED ON CHO'GATH'S SIZE. **Effect Radius:** 125-200 BASED ON CHO'GATH'S SIZE. --------------- #W: Reality Dirge Cho’Gath shrieks, unleashing two waves of void energy with a short delay between them that unmake those struck. (One wave per 0.5 seconds) -Delay between waves is reduced by 0.1 seconds per 3 stacks of _**“Great Devourer,”**_ to a minimum of 0.2 seconds. -The first wave deals **40/50/60/70/80 (+40% AP) Magic Damage** -The second deals **80/100/120/140/160 (+40% AP) Magic Damage** and has bonus effects on those struck by the first. -Targets hit by both waves are **silenced and nearsighted for 1-2.5 seconds**. **Mana Cost**: 40/50/60/70/80. **Cooldown:** 13/12/11/10/9 SECONDS. **Angle: **60° **Range:** 600 units. ----------- #E: Monstrous Enmity -Cho’Gath swings his powerful limbs in a line front of him, dealing **40/60/80/100/120 (+100% AD) (+70% AP) Magic Damage** to all targets struck and _marking _ them. -His next basic attack procs the _mark _ on the target and all nearby _marked _ units, dealing **10/20/30/40/50 (+30% AP) + 5% of Cho’Gath’s Maximum Health (+1% per stack of _Great Devourer_) Magic Damage**. (Mark applies spell effects) -As he gains stacks of_** “Great Devourer,”**_ proccing the mark refunds an increasing amount of this spell’s cooldown. (1s per stack) **Mana Cost**: 30/35/40/45/50 **Cooldown**: 12 SECONDS AT ALL RANKS. **Range:** 400 UNITS. **Width: ** 200 UNITS ----------------- #R: Feast ##Active: -For the next 5 seconds, Cho’Gath opens his mouth wide and “surges” with Void energy. During this time he gains **10/20/30% movement speed towards enemy champions with impaired actions.** -He can recast this ability at any time within those 5 seconds to chomp down in a wide but short cone in front of him, dealing **20 (+2% per stack of Great Devourer) - 35% (+2.5% per stack of _Great Devourer_) of struck enemy’s Maximum Health in True Damage** based on how long he has been “surging”, and executing targets below that percentage of health. -(Damage reaches peak after 2s) -(Damage capped at 1000+20 per stack of Great Devourer against nonchampions) ##Passive: Void Juggernaut Whenever Cho’Gath takes down an enemy champion or gains a stack of_** Great Devourer**_, he is **shielded** for **15% of his missing HP (+20/30/40% AP +10/15/20% Armor +10/15/20% Magic Resistance).** The shield decays into health over 5 seconds. **Mana Cost:** 100 AT ALL RANKS. **Cooldown:** 70/65/60 SECONDS. **Range:** 250 UNITS ------------ #Some Notes About My Rationale for These Changes -Cho'Gath as he currently stands is overly reliant on sudden burst/oneshots in order to function. Be it a tank running up and flash+ulting a squishy carry to take the color from their game, or AP Cho'Gath killing everything that has the audacity not to dodge his Q. Because of this, he's not allowed to have much wiggle room outside of those setups simply due to how potent an instant kill is. -For this, I decided to put delays on much of his damage. I wanted to keep him reliable and approachable but remove the horror of being hit by a spell and suddenly being dead without having any idea what happened or capacity to react. In exchange, this Cho'Gath is far more potent in drawn out fights than the live version. If you don't respect his presence, you'll be in trouble, but he won't be able to just show up and oneshot you on reflex alone anymore. --- -For an infinitely scaling champion, Cho'Gath has a huge number of matchups where he starts weaker than his opponent and NEVER outscales them. In many cases, you'll get big only to find that you're pingponged around the second you try to do anything, or people simply don't need to respect your presence. Without AP investment, Cho'Gath is fully reliant on his ultimate to kill squishy champions, and light AP investment tends to feel... mediocre. -To address this problem i played around with the functionality of Feast. He's now able to more reliably scale with time spent in the game whilst still being rewarded for snowballing, and rather than being something completely independent from his build, his stacks now scale WITH the HP he purchases, allowing him to be effective even without needing to become massive in lane. This gives more avenues to balance him when he's succeeding since he will have fewer massive famine cases and 100% never outscale matchups. --------- -Because so much of his damage is upfront, it means that he is nigh-useless when his spells are avoided. This results in matchups being incredibly skewed based on the skill of the person laning against him. -I wanted to increase his reliability in some ways whilst giving opponents more capacity to avoid some of his damage in others. The Q becoming a projectile means if you're in his face you will have a VERY difficult time avoiding it, making him a threatening presence to skirmish with. But it can be blocked by minions or a frontline champion, allowing you to reduce its impact with proper play. His silence is now massively more potent, but the delayed early. For maximum R impact Cho'Gath gets a lot more bang for his buck, but it's not on-demand and enemies with properly times flashes, dashes, or cc can deny him more easily than they can now. The avoidable nature of his initial E hit makes the spell threatening but still outplayable. It leaves the Cho'Gath player with the ability to respond mobile champions who typically are nigh-untouchable/high damage squishies who have no need to respect his %max HP damage but also gives matchups the ability to predict and avoid some of the more potent abilities in his kit so they feel less helpless when it's not favourable for them. ------------- -His current kit is effectively a stat check. His passive will either be enough to let him stay in lane through everything you can throw at him or it won't and he'll get destroyed. He will either become bulky faster than you can itemize vs him and roll over you or he won't and will never be able to stop you from killing him. He will either be allowed free access to ult targets and become impossible to deal with or he won't and he'll be nigh-useless. -The skill expression I talked about above addresses this point as well. If his highs are less ridiculous to try and fight against, his lows get to be less low. ----- #Other Comments -I tried to keep the current Tank, AP Bruiser, and Full AP build paths functional here in order not to destroy any of his popular playstyles. Their output is a little less starkly different, but all of them can be used depending on the situation. -I wanted to give the feeling of actually BEING a juggernaut! People should want to kite and stay away from you. If you're in the thick of it, that should be where you're strongest (rather than his current state where he's strongest at a medium distance and then closing in to ult people) -He needs to feel like a giant monster. Smash buildings, make your enemies tremble at your approach. If you time you spells right, you're an absolute monstrosity to deal with that will crush all who oppose you. He shouldn't feel like he simply doesn't have an answer for certain targets unless he builds specifically to kill them. -He should have a lot of his power locked behind his lategame. Gold Gating+Level Gating means he won't be getting the MAXIMUM use of his kit until he's maxed out, but once he is there's a strorm coming for the enemy team. Scaling should be satisfying. ----- And that's all! Please feel free to share your thoughts below, and shoot an upvote my way for visibility so that others can do the same :)
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