[Champion Concept] Hoodoo, the Spiny Sheriff

--- >#**Hoodoo, the Spiny Sheriff** --- ##Splash Art http://pre02.deviantart.net/dff3/th/pre/f/2017/197/5/9/59e6c4277425c3128002b909f3826074-dbgkk1f.png _(Art by me.)_ [Deviantart link](http://serpexnessie.deviantart.com/art/LoL-Champion-Concept-Hoodoo-the-Spiny-Sheriff-692960883) ⁣ #[ ⁣ > ⁣ Music Theme](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYI09PMNazw) ⁣ --- ⁣ >##Basic Information https://orig12.deviantart.net/a26b/f/2017/226/2/7/27d691661c13328a4af5d8a60ebde0b8-dbk34a1.png **Faction:** Shurima **Race:** Magical Construct **Gender:** Male **Weapon:** [Macuahuitl](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macuahuitl) ⁣ --- >##Lore On the edge of the Shuriman desert lies rumors of an inconspicuous wandering creature. Stories would tell of this creature slowly trudging along in what little shade existed in the desert sands, searching for occurrences of robbery and hijack. Possessing a powerful sense of justice, it silently seeks out and watches over trader caravans and lost adventurers, protecting them from rogue bandits and thieves in the dead of night, and, once the safety of the travelers have been ensured, disappearing once again into the desert, leaving no trace but the bruised, battered bodies of masked criminals, covered in hundreds of razor-sharp needles and half-buried within the blazing sands. ##"Adios, amigos." A nameless tribe of nomadic Shuriman sorcerers wanders through the desert. Antonio, a young conjurer and a prodigy among his peers, was always kept sheltered from the outside world by his tribe's elders, who feared for his innocence as he grew older, as creations of conjurers of the tribe reflected the host's personality. Antonio, who knew little of the harsh realities of life and the world around him, often dreamt up fantastical stories of monsters and heroes, who in his mind, would always come to "save the day" whenever the lives of innocent people were threatened. Lonely, because of his superiors' constant surveillance, he imagined a friend for himself from his fantastical stories and what little he saw of the outside world, which took the form of a justice-loving cactus, as Cacti were one of the few things Antonio had known about in the outside world. Often, in his imaginations, the protagonist would be his friend, and Antonio, his sidekick. Together, they fought fearsome monsters and terrifying villains, all in Antonio's imagination, of course. One night, Antonio awoke to the sound of screams and clashing weapons. He peeked open his eyes, and was horrified at the image and sound of his tribe being slaughtered by bandits. Wishing it were all just a bad dream, he closed his eyes and waited until sunrise. As the day turned bright, he looked around and learned of the harsh realities of life, Antonio sobbed as he looked around the camp. Corpses of his family members and friends lay about, covered in dark-red dried blood from the night before. He attempted to re-enter the world of his imaginations, but they all took the dark form of the disturbing imagery he witnessed. Wishing for his imaginary friend to become real and save the day, he took what he had of his conjuration power, and vowed to make his imaginary friend real, and together, like his dreams, would travel the world and fight those who would dare threaten innocent lives. He took a deep breath, and took aim at a nearby cactus. ... Hoodoo stood deep in thought. It had been a millennium, but he never forgot the day his creator created him, and shared with him his dreams: A hero of justice who would never back down from the face of evil. On his final days, Antonio gave his prided creation a mission: to wander the desert, and protect all the innocent lives that wandered through it, just like Antonio's wonderful stories in the past. ⁣ --- ⁣ >##Gameplay Information ##Primary Role: _Juggernaut_ * **Damage Type:** Physical * **Primary Resource:** Mana * **Attack Range:** Melee _(175 Units)_ * **Gameplay Fantasy:** Sticky Juggernaut **Style:** [⚔️] **-----------------○---** [🔮] |---- Power Scale -----| |- |Damage| ◼◼◻ | |Toughness| ◼◼◼ | |Control| ◼◼◻ | |Mobility| ◻◻◻ | |Utility| ◼◻◻ | |Difficulty| ◼◼◻ | ⁣ --- ⁣ >#Abilities ⁣ ##Passive - Spiny Embrace http://orig10.deviantart.net/460c/f/2017/198/f/4/f493ba4b56c0ac57c7fb212a60acb8aa-dbgom4m.png _Range:_ 275 _Damage (Approximate):_ Slightly more than Sunfire Cape (Ambient) / Slightly lower than Garen E (After ability cast) Deals a bit of physical damage every half second to up to 3 enemies standing right next to Hoodoo (Prioritizes champions). Casting an ability triples this damage for three seconds, with additional ability casts refreshing this time. Damaging an enemy champion or large monster with this passive applies a stack of Puncture. At 10 puncture stacks, the target's armor is reduced. Minions take reduced damage from Spiny Embrace. ⁣ --- ##Q - Cactus Create http://orig12.deviantart.net/931e/f/2017/198/0/e/0e46899d6cb882d865ba4693064a5dca-dbgomh9.png _Range:_ 700/775/850/925/1000 _Cooldown:_ 12/12/11/11/10 seconds _Cactus Health:_ 2/3/4/5/6 Spawn a large Cactus at a target location for 6 seconds, knocking aside any enemies directly over it. Cacti act as impassable terrain, and gain the effects of _Spiny Embrace_ [Passive]. The Cactus can be targeted by enemy basic attacks, being destroyed after enough attacks. However, each attack on the Cactus deals heavy physical damage to the attacker, based off their maximum health, and slowing them by 20% per attack. ⁣ --- ##W - Sticking Spines http://orig06.deviantart.net/5cb7/f/2017/198/e/3/hoodoo_ability_w_by_serpexnessie-dbgommw.png _Range:_ 350 _Cooldown:_ 24/23/22/21/20 _Latch Duration:_ 3/3.75/4.5/5.25/6 _Bonus Armor Duration:_ 4 Seconds Hoodoo spawns longer, sharper and "stickier" spikes to cover his body, granting bonus armor for a few seconds. After a second, the ability may be re-cast again to dash to a nearby target enemy champion to latch onto them for a few seconds. This is treated as a second spell cast for [Passive] _Spiny Embrace._ The latched target deals reduced damage to you. While latching on, you remain on the target and follow them through any dashes, blinks, teleports or miscellaneous mobility. You are immune to displacement and immobilizing effects, but they instead reduce the time you are stuck on to the target. After remaining on an enemy for at least 2 seconds, you may re-cast the ability to jump off early. During this time, you may still cast abilities, but cannot use basic attacks. ⁣ --- ##E - Sharp Shooter http://orig04.deviantart.net/7d13/f/2017/198/2/d/hoodoo_ability_e_by_serpexnessie-dbgompt.png _Range:_ 275/425 _Cooldown:_ 10/9/8/7/6 After a 0.5 second channel, Hoodoo launches 4 large spikes in each direction, from both Hoodoo himself and all spawned Cacti [Q], with each spike dealing physical damage to the first enemy they strike. You can continue to move during the channel. Enemies take slightly reduced damage when taking damage from every additional spike after the first. The spike fired closest to the direction of your cursor gains increased range and speed, and additionally slows the enemy by 30% - 55% depending on rank. ⁣ --- ##R - Hug of Death http://orig00.deviantart.net/53b1/f/2017/198/8/5/85b72c5934fd5677c51b2a0df77f6049-dbgomt7.png _Range:_ 425 _Cooldown:_ 120/105/90 Surround the nearby area with a circular ring of tall cacti after a brief delay. Enemies cannot move through the wall, and enemies dashing through the wall are damaged and slowed. All allies can freely walk in and out of the ring, except Hoodoo. After two seconds, the wall closes in on itself, dealing physical damage to all enemies struck while carrying them to the center of the circle. ⁣ --- ⁣ ##Core Items: {{item:3071}} - Combined with passive makes for easy armor shredding. Phage passive makes staying on enemies without [W] slightly easier. {{item:1401}} / {{item:3068}} - Combined with passive makes for even more passive damage to enemies standing closeby ⁣ --- --- >#Changelist: * Passive now prioritizes champions * Added Deviantart link for art. (I still made it, though) * Passive has a stacking portion. Added approximate damage values to passive. Q cactus health lowered at early ranks. * Lowered ult radius * Expanded lore and backstory by a lot. * Added art for all abilities * Q Cactus can now be destroyed by enemies, but at a cost. * Decreased W stick duration at early levels, clarified movement through ult wall. Brief cooldown added for W for jumping off of enemies. * Halved Q cooldown and added cinderhulk to "core items" to push this champion as more of a jungler --- >#[My other work! (Archives)](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/JKAAfUtO-the-archives-content-creator-archive-thread?comment=000a) --- ---
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