Infernal (Machine) Skins - Camille and Jax

Or maybe something slightly different for the skin names, since they aren't comprised entirely of fire like Infernal Akali or Amumu I added the machine part in parentheses. However, searching the interwebs far and wide I came across these images which I think would make fantastic skin designs, images which as a disclaimer I did not create. Infernal (Machine) Camille,h_688,q_70,strp/1509_flame_sorcerer_by_alswns3421_da30oxx-pre.jpg Infernal (Machine) Jax Camille one could be the new "Frostblade Irelia" depending on the splash art, easy money Rito ;) We would just need three more to complete the set, which personally I would probably choose {{champion:111}} {{champion:38}} and {{champion:110}} for the last three and for a **decent** team comp. Unless some other ADC who hasn't recently gotten a skin would fit better? Or unless we get another ADC soon, that'd be pretty nice, always feels like ADC has the least amount of choices imo.
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