[Champion Concept] Bomai, Mad Seeker of the Lost Chapter

Bomai was a child when Shurima was still young. She grew up with an unquenchable curiosity for the Sun Disc. Her curiosity caught the attention of Setaka, a powerful warrior who wielded the legendary weapon that founded Shurima. Setaka fed Bomai's curiosity, giving the child access to the grand library of Shurima. Thanks to Bomai's hunger for knowledge and dedication to the upkeep of the library of Shurima, the pharaoh saw Bomai worthy to receive the blessing of Ascension. When Bomai stepped from the light of the Sun Disc she was shrouded in white gleaming feathers, and her massive eyes shone with the light of the Sun Disc itself. She dedicated her immortal life to the collection and preservation of knowledge. As Shurima fell, Bomai cowered in the library, barring the windows and doors from the encroaching sand and the pounding and scratching of the poor souls who did not escape the city, but as soon as the banging started, it ended, and the only light in the vast halls were from Bomai's sorrow filled eyes. In the following millennia the only thing Bomai did was read, she memorized every word in the library. However, one chapter of one book was torn from it's pages. The book was of forbidden magics, and the chapters proceeding it referred to the missing chapter as having something to do with blood, or perhaps mist. For decades the mystery of what could be tore at her mind, driving Bomai mad. She shredded the crumbling books, scrolls, and anything not carved in stone, making a nest out of the once grand library. Her mind giving into the beast planted there by the Ascension ritual. Once Shurima arose from the sands by the call of it's newly resurrected king, a single piercing beam of sunlight struck Bomai, and she leap from her slumber and soared into the sky, filled with an undying lust for the pages missing from the fiendish book. Noxian reports claim of a great white feathered bear with the face of an owl have been spotted in the Freljords. --- https://cdn.mmos.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/dauntless-skraev-owl-behemoth-news.jpg --- Melee Juggernaut Passive - Lust for Knowledge: Bomai's pursuit of knowledge causes loose pages to appear at random locations and linger for up to 10 minutes. Bomai becomes charmed to near by pages and becomes immune to crowed control effects as she gains bonus movement speed and barrels towards the page, knocking away all units in her path, and dealing physical damage to enemies. Collecting a pages grants bonus experience, and bonus health and mana regeneration. Each page collected adds a stack of Lust for Knowledge. * Paper Ball: If an allied champion walks over a page, it will be placed in their inventory as a wadded up paper ball. Activating the paper ball will cause it to be thrown at a target location. If Bomai is within range, she will be charmed to it. Allies can only hold 1 page at a time. If their inventory is full, it will temporarily replace their trinket. * Taking/Sharing Knowledge: Enemies damaged by Bomai or her abilities will cause their resource to drain and be replaced with grey resource. When the enemy hasn't been damaged by Bomai for several seconds, the grey resource will be replenished. Allies effected by Bomai's abilities or items will cause their resource bar to gain bonus golden resource, this will cause anything that consumes the golden resource to gain bonus adaptive damage or healing/shielding power. Q - Owlbear's Grasp: Bomai slams her paws down in a cone in front of her and after a brief "paws" she will clap her paws together, dealing physical damage and pulling all enemies caught in the cone to her. * Lust for Knowledge - Second Cast: Consume two stack of Lust for Knowledge, she will cause 2 pages to extend outwards from her paws in a longer cone. When she claps her paws, the pages will slam together, dealing magic damage to at the center of the pages before enemies damaged are pulled to Bomai. W - Memorized Tomes: Bomai summons a book from her mind at a target location, where it remains for 4 seconds. The book will attack enemies within the area, prioritizing enemy champion. The book attacks each second, dealing magic damage. * Lust for Knowledge - Second Cast: Consume a single stack of Lust for Knowledge and cause the book to gain bonus attack speed, dealing bonus magic damage while slowing and silencing the target. E - Nest of Knowledge: Bomai puffs out her feathers, gaining a shield as she channels. The channel is interrupted if the shield is broken. While channeling she converts her mana into golden mana. The shield reflects a portion of the damage dealt to it back to whatever damaged it as true damage. * Lust for Knowledge - Second Cast: Consume three stack of Lust for Knowledge, she will become surrounded by papers as her shield now causes her to become immune to crowed control effects, and grants a small shield to her allies that increases the longer she channels. The allies shield also reflects damage. R - Shatter Mind: Bomai shrieks in a target direction, blasting the first enemy champion hit with all of the knowledge Bomai accumulated over a millennia, converting a portion of their health and mana into grey health and mana for every stack of Lust for Knowledge she has, consuming them all. The enemy looses control of their champion's body as it becomes taunted to another enemy champion, prioritizing low health champions. Meanwhile the player of the champion gains control of a spirit of their champion, after a brief delay. They are silenced and disarmed and can only regain control of their champion's body when they make contract with it. The spirit can not be damaged or targeted, but can still be effected by crowed control effects.
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