hexmerdinger (heimerdinger revival/rework)

{{champion:74}} heimerdinger has a fatal explosion in his lab (unknown sabotage?)..stricken with grief and madness, ziggs, whom idolized the revered inventor..embarks upon his vigilante pursuit of justice, taking all of heimer's notes and work..he finds that heimer was working on a top secret hextec reviving tool.. driven by obsession and mad genius..using hextec tools and various runes, ziggs " Frankenstein's" heims body and finishes heim's greatest work to revives his beloved idol !!!! (( heimerdiger's passvie: hextec-infusion: basic attack deals 0.5% ability power per level (9% at level18)..h-28 turrets gain 3% and plus 0.5% per champ lvl of item stats/effects..when upgrade is cast..all heims skills and basic attack gain liandry's torment effect for 10 seconds...( ziggs discovering the" hextec revival tool "(heim's wrench) is now an available item in the shop..20ad 20 ap..unique passive: hextec torment-(upon casting ult)for 10sec all skills and attacks gain liandrys toment effect (90 sec cooldown) unique active; revive allied champion within 5 seconds of death (90 sec cool down )can only be cast once per allied champion-5 charges) for each charge consumed hextec revival tool gains 5 ad and 5ap .....ps... riot,you should consider giving me a job just saying..lol

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