Legendary/Ultimate Corki Skin Idea: Deep Sea Corki?

Maybe have Corki ride a Giant Manta Ray. Q could be a large bubble, kind of like Nami Q and the revealed area could have a sort of eerie rays of light. Kind of like when you watch an underwater video how the light comes down in rays and maybe sparkles. W could be the Manta Ray swim forward while spinning. The damaging trail can be like a strong current with maybe small whirlpools. Rays are known to jump out of the water. E can have the Manta Ray shoot out bubbles/jets of water. Kind of like the Pokemon move Bubble beam but in a cone. R can have the Manta Ray shoot out fish. Explosions could be large splashes of water. If you look on Youtube, videos of Manta Rays, there are usually small fish swimming under the Ray in a symbiotic relationship. The Big One can just be a really big fish with a much bigger splash. I'm kinda worried how maybe the splash will seem a little like Urfrider Corki. Maybe consider this? {{champion:42}}
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