Lifeguard/Pool Party Braum Just an idea, I think that this could be a 1350 skin with different particles and a different recall. :^) EDIT: Credit goes to ChesschireBacon EDIT 2: "FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT THINK HE'S WEARING PINK "Yeah, it's red, but i used diffused lightning because there is more than one light source(reflection of the water and sunlight) so it gets a yellower tone in some parts and a purpler tone in others. That's what created contrast and harmony between the colors I used." ChesschireBacon FOR THOSE THAT ARE WONDERING ABOUT THE RED/BLACK COLOR CHOICES "I based it off the Brazilian lifeguard. They use black, yellow and red color patterns. I didn't use much of a reference so I forgot the yellow, but I recognize it would add a lot of base for the skin. it was a mistake to not use it. Also, Brazilian lifeguards use speedos instead of short shorts. I don't know why it's not the standard to use speedos on the beach, because here it's the norm. The color scheme on the shirt might not be optimal but the speedo choice is intentional." Any questions just google for : Salva vidas ChesschireBacon." This should clear up things (credit goes to Dreamy). EDIT 2: OH MY GOSH GUYS IT'S HAPPENING: !!!
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