The Mischievous Adventures part 385

(Next day) {{champion:157}}: "Hey the band contest is today, want to come?" {{champion:92}}: "Why are you asking me?" {{champion:157}}: "Heh, to 'quell your inner emo'." {{champion:92}}: "....Pff." {{champion:157}}: "Ha! Made you laugh!" {{champion:92}}: "That doesn't count! {{champion:157}}: "Counts in my book." {{champion:92}}: "Ugh..." {{champion:157}}: "Anyway, want to come? You might learn something there." {{champion:92}}: "...Hm, why not?" {{champion:157}}: "Wow really?" {{champion:92}}: "What did you expect I say?" {{champion:157}}: "No." {{champion:92}}: "....Well you're not really wrong, but like you said 'I must quell my inner emo'." {{champion:157}}: "And quell we shall, let's go." {{champion:92}}: "Heh, whatever you say."
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