Champion Concept: Vesta, The Aspect of Life

Vesta, The Aspect of Life This is a long one but i worked pretty hard on the one, i posted a previous version a LONG time ago but i wanted to change it to better fit how i see it being included in the game today. I hope you like it, tell me what you think, i'm working on some drawing of her right now as well. Please tell me what you think bellow, i'd greatly appreciate it! Role: Enchanter, Mage. Similar To: Karma Appearance: Extremely long red Hair with two small braids, she's thicc, very tall. She wear's a red dress with a cut in it on her left thigh, as well as being fairly low cut on her chest, she wears straps on her waist with the classic Targonian symbols hanging from it Her skin is very pale and she's decorated with gold peices of jewelry on her Wrists and Neck. Personality: Vesta is very sweet and gentle to every living thing, she's always careful not to step on plants or bugs and she's extremely caring towards everything around her. Vesta doesn't dislike many things and enjoy's the world around herself very much, she does; however, hold a great disdain for Darkin and the Void. She also despises people that take lives for no reason. Vesta respects and honor's Kindred, knowing very well that Death is an important part of Living. Vesta does have a tendency to become Enraged whenever she see's life being taken without a reason, she did scorch a forest once in her lifetime and is currently reviving it with the help of her Son. Concept and Inspiration: Brand and Annie use Fire for it's Destructive Purpose, but fire and warmth are responsible for Life as well, Vesta is the Roman Goddess of Fire. I wanted to make a champion that exudes a presence of warmth and kindness but also power. If vesta saw that you were hurt near her, regardless of whether she knew why or not, she would help nurse you back to health, it's how she is and i don't think there's a champion like that yet really. Finally i wanted to really emphasize her as a person who has the power to "Give Life" and "Birth" new life, there's also not really a champion in League of Legends who is a Mother so i wanted to make one. When it came to her playstyle i wanted to have another go at the "Roaming" support. With this version Vesta can heal her allies without having to be in their lane, even if it's rather small healing. But those same things she uses to heal are also part of how she attacks and her biggest heal can be blocked by the enemy, so saving your allies isn't as easy as pressing one button. I wanted an Enchanter that had a large amount of Counterplay around her Protecting Role. ---------------Short Story------------------- Branded by Fire Vesta was born to the same Village as Leona and Atreus, she was born with a weak body, if she fell it was very likely that she broke something. She was too weak to fight but her skills with Medicine and Caretaking were exceptional, so she ended up spending a lot of her time as a Caretaker of soldier's for their village. Vesta was also extremely pretty even at a young age, because of this many of the soldier's she cared for had a great attachment to her. One soldier who was mortally wounded battling a strange creature in Shurima fell in love with her and his advanced became so extravagant and more and more extreme that Vesta finally gave in, before the soldier went off to what would be his final battle they bore a child when Vesta was 16. Vesta nearly died delivering the child, and the child was unfortunately born with the same condition that she had, he was extremely fragile and Vesta was obsessed with keeping him safe. When Vesta was 18 she left her village, she knew that being a boy he would be forced to fight despite being unable to and he'd probably die. In order to protect her Son, Vesta was prepared to do anything, but she was still recovering from delivering him, her bones were fragile and even if she was able to feed her child, she knew that without any form of power she would eventually be unable to care for him on her own. With this in mind, Vesta left her child with a caretaker in a nearby Village and scaled Mount Targon. Vesta's battle with Mount Targon would take nearly 2 weeks, time and time again she would end up falling in the snow but her determination to become stronger and to be able to protect the one thing she had left in the world was powerful, she was able to keep herself Hydrated by eating Snow, she had with her a large amount of Rations that she would chew on for long periods of time, she never did need to eat much. She would camp out under small rocks whenever it got too dark, or she couldn't see. Eventually she thought she'd never reach the top of the Mountain, it had been over a week and she couldn't even tell how far she'd gone she just knew her body hurt, she knew her toes were broken but they were too numb to be felt. She continued, her energy finally starting to give out, her rations gone. Climbing turned to Walking, walking into crawling, the winds of the Mountain tore through her skin like knives, she lost the feeling in her arms and feet long before she started crawling but she had to keep going until finally, her cheeks blue with Frost Bite, her hands covered in cuts from the mountains rocks, her body bruised in nearly every place possible. She was there, the peak of the mountain was the most breathtaking thing she'd ever seen, bellow it she could see the small lights of every village in the Mountain Range, and above her a beautiful Aurora danced in the skies. She stood up and stared when her body began to feel warm, incredibly warm, the hot so hot she thought her skin was burning. Just then it looked as though the sky Ignited before her and a rain of fire fell over her body, she looked at her body and realized she wasn't burning, she noticed her hands weren't purple anymore and the cold had all but left her as though it never existed. She felt, odd, as though she lost something but she couldn't tell what it was but also like she gained something more valuable than anything else, she felt like she could do anything now. When the fire opened around her, she was surrounded by dancing flames with tiny faces on them smiling at her, she looked up and the wonderful color's were gone but the little Sprites still smiled at her and ran to her, hugging her and cuddling her. They didn't burn her, they didn't hurt her, they seemed to like her. She played with the sprites for awhile atop the mount, getting used to the way her body moved, as though this body wasn't her own it felt strange to walk and to run but she could RUN, she'd never been able to run before! She ran down the mountain as quickly as she could, when she fell it didn't hurt, nothing was broken! When she finally reached her child she hugged him tightly to her, and her body started to emit a faint warmth then a flame, she quickly put him down but he looked at her and smiled, not a single burn. Vesta took her child with her as she wandered the area between Mount Targon and Shurima, she discovered early on that the Flame Sprites she could create were wonderful little things to keep around and her baby loved to play with them until he got tired. The little sprites shared her ability to heal wounds, she used this to travel as a Doctor to villages within the mountain range. Her power as a Doctor had spread to the entirety of the area and she became well known by all who saw her, soon she could pay for anything herself and her child needed with the newfound power's she'd obtained. 4 Year's passed and Vesta had gotten a home on the eastern side of Mount Targon, there she taught her young boy everything she knew, he was a natural at growing plants even at a young age and loved to care for any life he'd come across, 2 year's passed. Brantley was 8 now and was growing into a strong boy, well strong for someone with a condition like his, and Vesta thought it would be okay to leave him home just once so she could go just a little bit away, a ravenous beast had attacked a small village near Shurima and they needed doctor's. The beast itself had already been slain by the Solari that came to the area, but the injured were many and even with Vesta's unique abilities it took her nearly 2 days to get them into good enough shape that she was comfortable leaving. Vesta made her way back to her home immediately that morning, she was a little tired but she needed to get back home as quickly as possible. Her trek back to her home was oddly quiet, usually there were traveler's up and down the route she had taken but there were none today, several hours into the trek she noticed a carriage. She was relieved but when she went to inspect it, she was mortified, there was blood drenching the inside of the carriage, dripping out of the bottom of the door. She began to run, as fast she could, faster than she'd run on the day she finished her climb up mount targon, something terrible had happened right at the entrance to the forest she'd lived in. Right next to where her child was staying, alone. As she ran she noticed branches broken off the tree's, entire trees fallen around her, the sprite's were doing their best to keep up her fear had caused them to grow legs and their faces turned from happy to angry. As she dashed up the hill towards her home, she noticed that the home itself was pretty much gone. The roof had been torn to pieces and laid strewn all over her child's garden. She ignored it and ran inside, her child was missing nowhere to be found. She noticed claw marks covering the wood of her small cabin, pulsating with Purple energy. It was then she knew what had happen, a Void Beast from shurima had found its way to the village not far from where her home was, and it likely had friends. Vesta took off in a sprint again, she followed the trail of destruction out of her home and towards the forest behind it, far into it until she reached the small lake sitting deep in the forest. There she saw them there were 6 of them, large, grotesque and horrific looking beasts gathered by the water, they were inspecting something that was lying in front of them. It was then that her Flame Sprites leaped at the void beasts and they scattered lying at the center of them was her child, motionless. Rage instantly filled her entire being, her body ignited in a way that it had never done before, her clothes began to burn and her hair took on a form closer that of a raging inferno. The heat increased around her and the tree's began to be seared, steaming from the water boiling out from the inside of them she screamed in pure anger as she charged at the pack of beasts. The beasts seemed to not be phased by this transformation until she raised her hand a ball of fire appeared inside of it, she tossed it towards one of them and it detonated with such force that the other beasts were sent flying. The place where it had impacted was empty as the smoke cleared, not a trace of the beasts remained, it was then that the other beasts started to run, in any direction they could but Vesta refused to let them escape each one went up in a puff of beautiful fire. Vesta guarded the body of her child against them as she destroyed them, the forest caught in the cross fire, ashes of the burning wood filled the air. With not a single void creature left Vesta stared down at the body of her son, she leaned down and kissed his forehead, picked him up and held him tightly. The fire began to die down, slowly, the flame sprites had returned to their cute selves and watched as she cradle their friend. It was then that the young boy's eye's opened, every wound he had was gone and he stared at his mother and told her "Welcome Back." Relationships: Vesta is recognized as an expert Doctor by many people around Mount Targon. She knows Leona personally along with Atreus but hasn't seen them in quite a long time. Vesta has a Son named Brantley who's physically disabled that she loves very much. Location: Eastern Targon, she's currently living in a Cottage at the center of a Forest that she'd burned down. Her and her son are working hard to bring it back to life. -----------Abilities---------------- Passive: Blessing of Fire Vesta's Auto Attacks become Empowered while she's near a Flame Sprite, they will deal Bonus Magic Damage on-hit and apply Burn damage equal to the on-hit damage. Q: Breath of Life Cost: 5% of her Mana First Cast: Vesta will take a deep breath and then exhale a small Flame Sprite. The first flame sprite she birth's will follow her, if Vesta has a flame sprite following her she can place up to 3/4/5(Based on Levels in her ultimate) other flame sprites anywhere she wants to. Flame Sprite's have mana equal to the mana used to create them, they burn through 1 point of their own mana every 6 seconds to keep themselves alive. Allies that stand next to a Flame Sprite gain increased Health Regen, but will burn through the Flame Sprites mana at Twice the rate. The Flame Sprite that follows Vesta will not burn through it's Mana. Vesta can Right Click on a Flame Sprite to refill it's mana, keeping it alive. Flame Sprites will die from 1 ability used on them or by 2 auto attacks but will attempt to protect themselves with Auto Attacks that deal damage equal to Vesta's "Blessing of Fire" whenever an enemy champion get's within range of them. The Flame Sprite that is with Vesta will also attack enemies within range of itself, but prioritizes the enemy that Vesta is attacking. W: Raging Inferno Active/Toggle: Upon activation Vesta will call all of her flame sprites to her location. Vesta will begin to fuel to her nearby Flame Sprite's, empowering them and "Enraging" them. Enraged Flame Sprite's grow in size and will begin to actively pursue enemies, prioritizing enemies that Vesta has attacked, during this time they will burn through their fuel at double the rate but gain increased movement speed and deal 25% more damage with their auto attacks. Enraged Flame Sprite's will, every 2 seconds, explode dealing magic damage to all enemies around them by sacrificing 20% of their mana, allies inside these explosions will be healed. When a flame sprite is about to die it will run towards the nearest low health champion, prioritizing Vesta first, Nearby Allies second and low health enemies last. When Vesta Deactivates this ability her Flame Sprites return to her location. If no enemy champions are in range, Enraged Flame Sprite's follow Vesta. Finally, allies cannot be healed by the Explosion of Flame Sprites but once every 6 seconds. E: Flame Sprite Toss No Cost First Cast: Vesta can pick up a flame sprite and carry it with her for awhile. Second Cast: Vesta can throw a Flame Sprite in a targeted direction, the Flame Sprite will explode on impact with enemy champions or allies, dealing the same damage it would if it were Enraged or healing allies the same. Finally it Mark's enemy champions it comes in contact with, Enraged Flame Sprites will target that enemy champion and leap towards them. Note: Vesta can activate her W during the flight to make the Flame Sprite Enraged, then she can call all of the Flame Sprites back to her by Deactivating her W. If Vesta is not carrying a Flame Sprite she will throw the one that follow's her instead. R: Hearth Fire Embrace Vesta ignites herself for 5 seconds, during this time enemies within a certain area around her will take damage equal to her Passive, Vesta will also gain increased health regen. Finally Vesta can recast this ability while under it's effects to shoot balls of fire in a target direction that mimic the effects of her E at the cost of 10% of her Mana. Extra Note's: Vesta's Flame Sprites are meant to live longer and do more than other Pet's, they're integral to her Kit and a primary source of her damage, so if she doesn't have them she has no damage and large portion of her healing ability comes from them as well. Also i didn't really put much thought into the names of the abilities i just wanted them to fit what they do. And finally, i don't really think this is perfect, i just knew what i wanted her to do and play like and built around it.

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