New Champion Concept - The Caddy Roller (Name Pending

new champion audio
Uploaded by Stevie Jayrep on 2015-07-08.
Linked is what could be the audio for this new champion. With that said, I have typed up an idea of what his abilities could be. passive: go by many different names passive: Chad Warden’s got cash baby The amount of money that Chad own’s enrages his opponents, if he has more money than his enemy, he/she will not be allowed to inflict stuns/slows/snares on Chad Warden. Q: Name toggle Chad warden changes his identity to suit his mood. Chad warden grants 50% more health recharge C Wizzy grants the ability to diss Xbox Fans Chad daddy gives 5% movement health bonus, and lines the ground he has walked in, in slick black Chad Daddy Enrages the opponent, forcing them to recoil 10% of all damage done to chad Big Papi Chad warden has 10% increased size, and 5% cool down W: Wii Remote Toss Tosses a wii remote, effects vary E: As Ballin’ As Possible Chad warden becomes the coolest champion on the battlefield, inflicting attract on every enemy champion regardless of range for 3 seconds R: Power of the Triple Chad warden himself becomes slick black and unleashes the power of the P. S. Triple. He deals 599 True Damage to a single opponent and convinces them that Xbox has no games. this ability can’t be used consecutively on the same opponent.

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