My ideal new female type of champ.

So i recently watched an old 4 honor trailer showing Apollyon who is a female knight packing quite a punch with really interesting personality. And then i thought wait of all the fighters we got in league there doesnt exist one like it. Sejuani comes close but the fact that she is a jungler , she rides a boar and the fact that she is a tank ruins that. Why a female? cause i just thought it would sound cool with an aatrox or darius female counter part who had a strong presence and basically smacked down those who went against her. Not counter part in the way of "i fight for what is right or good" but someone who shares their sinister presence in a battle. All the female characters are too goody in their personality or doesnt really bring the presence as they could have. Illaoi is the only one coming close but even she doesnt bring that feel to her. Imagine Sejauni standing alone in the battlefield and the type of Bruiser or even juggernaut she could have been. Lore wise Tianna crownguard is the only one whom i can remember having the type of presence in a character. Her blind obedience to demacia sounds like being a bad thing but in this case it makes atleast her stand out and i can imagine her being a really cool character. Specially if they made her a bruiser/juggernaut although i kinda we for a more "evil" presence. Was just an interesting thought.

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