Champion Skin Concept [Farmer Yorick]

EDIT 2: gonna throw this here so the preview of the post shows the main concept and not my messy maiden drawing. :) Hey guys, Im a big fan of yorick and have been playing him since before his rework. I'm sad he still hasnt gotten love in the form of a new skin, especially since it has been almost 6 years. I understand that after a champ update there's probably not much need for a skin since all their skins are technically new, but I still think it's a little too long, especially since he is decently popular now compared to before his update. I'd think the skin could just be around 750, but since the ghouls and possibly minion would get different appearances it might be more realistic to say 975. Yorick's shovel could stay a shovel, but I also like the idea of a hoe. Maiden isn't included in the picture, but I think her turning into some form of scarecrow would also be cool. EDIT 1: So I decided to try my hand at making some concepts for the rest of his abilities. Maybe instead of a scarecrow it'd be easier to make maiden a plant too, and I like the idea of making her something like The Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown reference for u youngins). For his W wall I liked the idea someone suggested of a fence (even though with my art skill it looks more like a wrestling ring), but turning it into plant roots might be easier too. I also think a simple colour change of his E from the greyish blue to a brown would work, making it look like Yorick is flinging "fertilizer" at his enemies :)
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