Skin Ideas, RiotPenguin plz draw these.

Slayer Lucian(Looks like Mr Foster from Killing floor) A Garen skin inspired by berserk (PLZ) Deep terror Kalista Elysium Renekton (its the opposite of Infernal Nasus) RavenBorn Quinn (Valor is Raven duh) Viking Poppy (her hammer has lightning effects and looks like MJOLNIR) Sultan Ziggs Olympian Hecarim (he looks like a Pegasus) Jade Dragon Shyvana Commando Jhin (he looks like a WW1 solider) Rainbow Xerath Storm Brand (his fire effects are lightning effects) Shadow Ashe (she looks like a Nightingale from Skyrim) these are just some ideas i would think look awesome if you drew them Penguin you do great stuff.

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