[Champion Concept] Hyun-Tae, The Mysterious Warlord.

Okay, to start this off. This is my first EVER champion concept, and for the champions kit I will not be posting any sort of numbers or scaling or anything because I just don't know how to do that xD. I do not have any sort of drawing because I suck at drawing lol (If anyone would want to draw one or something that would be cool :3). Lore: Hyun-Tae was born to a family of Noxian spies living in a Demacian village as farmers. At around the age of 7, Hyun-Tae and his family fled to a nearby safe area because Noxus was planning an attack on this village. All Hyun-Tae can remember is awakening in the cave alone, with nothing besides a shimmering sword with rings on it. (His weapon is going to be a ring sword). Hyun-Tae joined the League in search of answers and vengeance. **[Kit]** Passive- (One With The Blade) Upon damaging an enemy with an ABILITY, Hyun-Tae's sword will shimmer and he will randomly either -[Ignite] the enemy that was hit for a short time -[Slow] the enemy that was hit for a short time -[Blind] the enemy that was hit for a short time -[Stun] the enemy that was hit for a short time Q- (Shimmering slice) Hyun-Tae slices his enemy with great force dealing damage. Upon striking an enemy champion, Hyun-Tae will receive a 3 second speed boost. (Most Damage) W- (The lost one) (AOE) Hyun-Tae uses his ring sword to do an underhand slice to his enemy, knocking every enemy hit up. (Least Damage) (Utility/Knock-up) E- (Momentum Slash) Hyun-Tae Slashes a target, dealing damage. The momentum from the first hit travels from enemy to enemy dealing less damage each time. (Similar to Katarina's Q) R- (BLOOD SHED!!!!) ACTIVE: Hyun-Tae Targets an enemy champion, then throws his sword with a great force. This causes a bleeding/slow effect. PASSIVE: On a champion kill, gains permanent attack damage (half the amount per assist) This can only occur every 8 seconds. Note: Let me know what you guys think. Yes, I know its not like super awesome but I tried and maybe someone with like it :3. Have a nice day! **[Edit 1**] I updated Hyun-Tae's kit. Give it another look! :D
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