The Mischievous Adventures part 395

(Day 3) {{champion:81}}: "Frankly my love, I give a damn." {{champion:39}}: "_Runaway_!" {{champion:113}}: "_Maine Absolution_." {{champion:61}}: "_Found with the Ice_?" {{champion:81}}: "Yep." {{champion:39}}: "Drats!" {{champion:32}}: "Don't worry you'll get the next one" {{champion:39}}: "Yeah right, anyway who's next?" {{champion:90}}: "Me." {{champion:113}}: "Alright do your quote." {{champion:90}}: "Alright then; 'Ms. Ark, I don't feel so good...'" {{champion:99}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:163}}: "You jerk!!" {{champion:90}}: "So assume you know." {{champion:92}}: "Of course they would, it's a overused line." {{champion:99}}: "But still so sad!" {{champion:92}}: "Ok, pity aside who's next?" {{champion:21}}: "I'll go if no one else will." {{champion:163}}: "Ok, just don't do any...sad lines." {{champion:21}}: "No promises hon. Now let's see...oh!; 'I did not hit him, it's not true. It's nonsense I did not hit him, I did not. Oh hi Lesia.'" {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:61}}: "_The Chamber_." {{champion:21}}: "Oh wow, everyone got that." {{champion:92}}: "Who wouldn't?"
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