[Webtool] EYE-POPPING Item Set Editor

Hi all, Since the release of the new client, I have missed the customization of sets. Since nature hates vacuum and probably also because I had a few hours free last week, I decided to put together a replacement. It is a web tool that you can find there: [ http://lol.item-set.com](http://lol.item-set.com) ____ **How it works** It requires no installation, because it does not do anything directly to your computer. To use it it’s simple: drag & drop your League of Legends/Config folder into the tool, and you can start customizing. You can also start fresh if you want, then ignore this previous step. When done, you can download your modified sets, and simply replace the League of Legends/Config folder with the one you just downloaded. ___ **A few more things** Obviously, this is a beta since I just released it, but I have tested in both Chrome, Firefox & Safari Mac to ensure 99% of normal human beings can use it. I will support other browsers but did not have them at hand: if you encounter any issue, shoot it and specify your OS & browser. The tool is entirely client based, so once loaded there is 0 communication with the server: it should work super fast once ready. You work is saved in your browser, so when you get back (on the same machine) to the site, it will open where you left off. If you want to clear it: clear your cache! It will automatically update the data source every 6 hours, so when patch day comes you should see the new/updated items shortly (depends on Riot API of course) ___ ** Will I get banned? Is this approved? ** I cannot imagine why you would be banned, since in the official [FAQ ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/230175788-Updated-Client-Open-Beta-FAQ) about the new client , their is a part about item set which I will quote for you: > One feature that isn't being immediately brought over from the legacy client are item sets. However, your existing item sets will still continue to work and our third-party API will sitll allow you to download custom item sets from community developers for in-game use. Here is my point of view on the matter: * If you use the new client, this is a workaround to manage your sets * The code I made is open source, it runs in your browser so it does nothing more or less than any website you can browse * You do not install anything. You copy & paste .json files which are not executable so risk is very easy to assess as: none * The legacy client will be gone at some point, and from my understanding they were quite clear that item sets would not be a part of the new client for some time at least, if ever again. They even made appeal to external tool like this one (again, see the FAQ). Hope this clears any doubts you may have, Happy customization! **PS: ** This is my [~~second~~](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/Gaq9hucU-webtool-item-set-editor) [~~third~~](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/axWJ1M2F-webtool-item-set-editor) fourth post on these boards, and I am having trouble getting visibility for the tool, or maybe I do not, and the tool is simply not that useful. If you feel this tool needs to live on, **do not hesitate to push this post up.**

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