The Mischievous Adventures Six part special

(Actually starting to write all this...I kinda feel a little unmotivated. Maybe it's fatigue or that sudden hiatus, I really don't know and probably you don't care. So here it is, if things seem...odd that because maybe I wasn't in the right mindset, or just it's been awhile. But anyway, enjoy if you want....Actually funny thing is, I knew I was writing a silly fanfic but, right now it's very obvious. And not in a good way.) Part 361 (Next Day) {{champion:161}}: "Hmm...You, sir." {{champion:427}}: "Hm? Yes?" {{champion:161}}: "Your Ivern right?" {{champion:427}}: "Yes, I am-" {{champion:161}}: "Your work is terrible." {{champion:427}}: "Oh ok-" {{champion:161}}: "All of your work is pathetic! I can't believe your suppose to be 'famous' when your work is terrible!" {{champion:427}}: "....Is there a particular reason why they're terrible?" {{champion:161}}: "Well yes! Your plot is too simple! Is a cliché hero adventure story. They go on a journey, defeats an evil source, and lives happily ever after. It's pathetic." {{champion:427}}: "....Have you ever heard of _Monarch of the Crown_?" {{champion:161}}: "Yes, one of the world's greatest works." {{champion:427}}: "What is it basically though?" {{champion:161}}: "Well it's a hero's journey where they...defeat an evil source...and live happily...ever...after." {{champion:427}}: "Now take that with a grain of salt, and let it settle in." *Walks off* {{champion:161}}: "...." Part 362 (Meanwhile) {{champion:92}}: "Hm...Maybe if I play this note then maybe..." {{champion:141}}: "Oh hey Riven." {{champion:92}}: "Huh? Oh it's you, what do you want?" {{champion:141}}: "I was just passing by really." {{champion:92}}: "Fine by me, oh by the way is that weird stalker still after you?" {{champion:141}}: "....About that...." {{champion:222}}: "Kayn! Oh there you are. Are you ready for our stroll?" {{champion:141}}: "Yeah sure." {{champion:222}}: "Great! Then let's go!" *Strolls off* {{champion:141}}: "...She may be crazy, but I can't believe I'm saying this...she's nice once you get to know her." *Goes after her* {{champion:92}}: "....What kind fanfiction happen here?" Part 363 (Later) {{champion:1}}: "Where is he? He should be around here- Huh, Hey Amumu!" {{champion:32}}: "Huh? Annie!? What are you doing here?" {{champion:1}}: "What do you mean? I'm here to see you, it's been a long time." {{champion:32}}: "I know but-" {{champion:58}}: "AMUMU! THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT GIRL!?!" {{champion:1}}: "H-Huh?" {{champion:32}}: "Oh no, run!" {{champion:1}}: "But-" {{champion:32}}: "Just go!" {{champion:1}}: "...Ok, but I'll be back for you." *Runs away* {{champion:58}}: *Grabs Amumu's arm* "Come here!" {{champion:1}}: "...." {{champion:75}}: "Hey kid, what's up?" {{champion:1}}: "Oh! Your Amumu's uncle right?" {{champion:75}}: "Yeah." {{champion:1}}: "You have to help me!" {{champion:58}}: "I told you to never talk to her!" {{champion:32}}: "...." {{champion:58}}: "Honestly I try to raise you well brat! Women like those are just manipulative!" {{champion:32}}: "She's not manipulative, she's nice." {{champion:58}}: "What was that?" {{champion:32}}: "I said she's not manipulative! She's nice!" {{champion:58}}: "Don't you dare talk back at me!" {{champion:75}}: "Renekton, stop!" {{champion:58}}: "You stay out of this!" {{champion:75}}: "Sorry, but I won't stand for that." {{champion:58}}: "Why you disgraced son of a bitc-" {{champion:75}}: *Punches him and knocks him out* "Sorry, but someone had to do it." {{champion:32}}: "Uncle Nasus! Thank you!" {{champion:75}}: "Hehe, don't thank me. Thank her." {{champion:1}}: "Amumu!" {{champion:32}}: "Annie!" *Hugs her* {{champion:1}}: "I'm so glad you're ok." {{champion:32}}: "Me too." Part 364 (Next day) {{champion:203}}: "Annnd done!" {{champion:203}}: "Well that's a neat drawing." {{champion:203}}: "Yep, though neat is too kind wolf." {{champion:203}}: "Seriously your drawing is neat though." {{champion:203}}: "Yeah, do you like the sun?" {{champion:203}}: "What sun?" {{champion:203}}: "Hehehe." {{champion:203}}: "Oh..." {{champion:203}}: "I'm just messing with you. Honestly I don't know what it is either." {{champion:203}}: "Huh...want to guess what it is?" {{champion:203}}: "Of course! Now let's see...oh I think it might be a crocodile?" {{champion:203}}: "I see more of an valley." {{champion:203}}: "Do you see birds?" {{champion:203}}: "Actually yeah, and maybe...that tree." {{champion:203}}: "! It does look like a tree!" Part 365 (Meanwhile) {{champion:104}}: *Lights cigar* {{champion:121}}: "Why do you smoke all the time?" {{champion:104}}: "What? You and the big guy can drink, but I can't have a cigar?" {{champion:121}}: "....That, was an weak and dated joke." {{champion:104}}: "But it's still good." {{champion:121}}: "....Actually where is Rengar anyway?" {{champion:104}}: "He went sight seeing. That's why we're still here." {{champion:121}}: "...God, that idiot." {{champion:104}}: "Hey at least enjoy while you have it." {{champion:121}}: "I can't enjoy a vaction I never liked." {{champion:104}}: "Hehe, ok then." Part 366 (Later) {{champion:201}}: "Ah Illaoi! Are you ready for our finale match?" {{champion:420}}: "Very much so, I'm looking forward to this great match!" {{champion:201}}: "Ahaha, are you excited Sejuani?" {{champion:113}}: "Of course I am! A great match against the greatest arm wrestlers ever!" {{champion:420}}: "Oh you are too kind young one...In fact, why don't you start the count?" {{champion:113}}: "It'll be my pleasure. Ready, go!" {{champion:201}}: *Wins* {{champion:420}}: *Also Wins* {{champion:201}}: *Wins again* {{champion:420}}: *Also wins again* {{champion:113}}: "Ok that two for two, last one will settle it all!" {{champion:420}}: "Are you ready Braun?" {{champion:201}}: "More then you know." {{champion:113}}: "Go!" …… …… *They break both their arms* {{champion:201}}: "....." {{champion:420}}: "....." {{champion:113}}: "Oh god! Are you two ok!?" {{champion:201}} {{champion:420}}: ".....Hahahaha!" {{champion:113}}: "Huh?" {{champion:201}}: "That was glorious!" {{champion:420}}: "It was! And it couldn't have ended any other way! Ahaha!" {{champion:113}}: "Um...You two..." {{champion:201}} {{champion:420}}: "Hm?" {{champion:113}}: "Do you want me to get a doctor, for both of your arms?" {{champion:201}} {{champion:420}}: "....Maybe later. Ahahaha!" {{champion:113}}: "...Haha, suit yourself."

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