Ideas for a visual rework for amumu (fan art) (community support is needed)

Greetings to all who have come to read this post, I introduce myself, I am a LAN player who wants to come to propose a change, an idea for a forgotten champion, it should be noted that the video and the fan art isn't of my own and your are invited to watch their content for it's oficial pages, what I came to propose this day to take this design more seriously for amumu and his respective visual rework, since it takes great characteristics of the region and how it should be this character in much of its senses, what the author presents with these designs is something excellent and of a quality remove similar to Riot Games, what I ask the community is that those who support the design made by the author make this publication and this fan art to be able to see in the future, a visual rework or complete rework for amumu, not identical to this amumu but as something remove similar or even improved to the professional standards of Riot Games, support this by sharing this post and giving yours opinions so that we can make the Rioters see that this is the design of the community that wants the a unique character such as amumu. I will leave here the links and images of the fan art so that you can see them for yourselves. Video: Post of the images: Images:

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