Lucy is a restless fisherman.

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Hello. My name is Buyan Bazir-ool. My nickname is Soyon (S0yon). I will continue to publish my concepts of champions. [You can get acquainted with the previous concept here.]( *** Lucy is a restless fisherman. Passive ability: • The excitement of a fisherman. Attacked opponents temporarily lose their running speed when moving from Lucy to% equal to her indicators of the number of auto attacks per second (up to 2.5% or more with a corresponding rune). • Successful catch. With a probability equal to or less than 50% of her chance of critical damage, Lucy attracts the enemy to herself for a short distance. • Good swing. The range of auto attack increases depending on the additional attack power. Q - A nimble cast. Luce makes the bait roll to a given location. By reapplying the skill, Lucy pulls the bait back. An adversary caught on the hook when throwing or returning the bait takes damage and is attracted to a distance depending on the target’s lack of health (the less health the target has, the stronger Lucy pulls the target). A target that has hit the hook by stepping on it or returning the hook is attracted to a smaller distance than with a direct hit. W - Excitement fisherman. • Passive - Lucy's speed and power is increased while she is on the river. • Active - Increases its movement speed by 3 seconds. E - Happy bait. The next auto attack of the selected champion deals critical damage. After the first auto attack, for 3 seconds, the critical damage chance increased by 10/15/20/25/30%. R - Big Fish. The defeated enemy champion receives a small amount of damage and the status of a neutral monster, and also provokes his own team and neutral monsters. One-time provocation. Neutral monster status 3/4/5 seconds. *** *** Explanation of Q - skills. *** Please do not turn me into a frog (Lulu). Interestingly, what can you catch on Pixie? (Lulu). Tristana, let's play by the river. So good on the river. Watch the frog. What a big fish! (Tahm Kench). Fizz, let's go fishing. Can I catch you? (Champions similar to fish). I caught it! (Champions similar to fish). Catch the fish big and small. Clint, don’t shoot. You scare me all the fish! (Westwood). No thanks. I'd rather go fishing (Therese). Do not eat me! I am small and tasteless! (Tahm Kench). Crabik! (river crab) Big crab! (Herald of the abyss). Are you the same Leviathan? (Baron Nashor). I caught a real legend! Now I am a legendary fisherman! (defeated Baron Nashor). Am I a fisherman or fishergirl? *** Comments: Lucy was the third champion I invented. The first ideas about her abilities came to me in 2016. I recorded them only in 2017. When I created it, I was guided by two things: 1) It should be real adc-support (there was a year left until the announcement and release of Pike) 2) It must be a female yordle. As a result, I came up with a restless girl who falls into the type of girl-boy who loves fishing with her grandfather. First, I drew how Lucy caught Tahm Kench on a hook. But since she lacked an individuality that would reveal her cheerful, mischievous character of an overactive child, I drew a variant with a summer shirt with a floral pattern. Shorts and rubber boots. Each element of her clothes should be brightly colored, reflecting her childish character. After her appearance, the biggest challenge for me was to come up with a hook and an absolute skill for Lucy. In the end, I remembered that the stronger the fish gets tired, the easier it is to stretch it. Therefore, Q-skill depends on the target's lack of health. The possibility of leaving a hook on the ground or pulling it occurred to me since some fish swallow low-profit prey, while others, on the contrary, swallow the bait when you return it. The W-skill reflects her fishing spirit and her willingness to stand in the water for a good catch. E-skill shows her support champion abilities. Also, enhancing it greatly helps her herself, as she increases the chance of the Passive skill Successful catch triggering. For absolute skill, I went over different options: 1) Lucy, when hit with a Q-skill, doubled the range of attraction and could throw the enemy through herself. 2) She increased the chance of critical damage to herself and her allies. 3) Imposing on the enemy the status of a neutral monster and the enemy activated a provocation on their allies and forest monsters. I opted for the third option, since in my opinion such a skill can greatly diversify team battles in the League of Legends, as there is an opportunity to set enemies against each other.
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