[Champion Idea/Concept] [No name yet] A simple swordsman/knight, Hero of Jandelle

Hey there everyone, i've got a basic concept for a champion that I find to be very interesting. We've got so many god-like characters and characters with special weapons and training and all that jazz. I would like to see a character that's just a humble swordsman/guard/squire, that acquired the status of a legend with pure heroism. Name: Samuel, Hero of Jandelle P(passive): I'm no hero. When a nearby ally is on low health (below 15%) and in combat, they get marked by Samuel. Samuel can choose to defend these targeted 'victims' with his shield. If he manages to defend the ally until their health rises above 15% or until the ally leaves combat. He also gets stacks of Heroism for killing epic monsters and assisting on red buff and blue buff. Saving Minions: 1 stack Saving Champions: 5 stacks These stacks give him an (x)% of bonus AD, armor and HP, increase his hitbox and his shield's hitbox, while changing his visuals (cleaner, sharper sword, bigger shield, heavier armor, etc) per stack. (or perhaps per (x) amount of stacks) A hero's stamina: Your energy increases to a percentage of your maximum health. (So with this you can build him as full damage, full tank, or offtank) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Slice and Dice. (cooldown details below the ability explanation) p: Samuel has no basic attack, which is instead replaced by his Ability; Slice and Dice. Right clicking does have an effect however, and allows you to target-focus an enemy champion or minion. This will cause Samuel to always be facing the target until canceled by a movement command. His E does not count as a movement command. Slice and Dice's cooldown is reduced by attack speed a: Samuel performs a sword slice with each Q activation, comboing them together into 4(or 5) different attacks, each with their own hitbox. Using this ability resets the combo timer, and after a short while of not using it the combo timer will reset, making you start the combo from the start and putting the ability on a slightly longer, static, cooldown. Every hit has a base damage of 10/15/20/30/50 (scaling per level) but has an individual %AD damage scaling, some with additional effects. Left slash: Samuel swings his sword from the right to the left, dealing 110% (or maybe 120%?) of his total AD. This attack has a longer reach at the end of the animation. Right slash: Same as left slash, except in the other direction. Stab: Samuel thrusts his sword forward, dealing damage in a line for 90% of his AD, but penetrating (x)% armor. Skullsplitter: Samuel brings his sword down from above his head, aiming to kill or greatly harm his enemy for 140% (or maybe 150% or more?) of his AD. However, armor penetration does not apply to this attack at all. Uppercut: Samuel finishes his combo with a fierce strike from below, aiming to finish his target off. Deals 80% of his AD in physical damage, but if the target is below 13% (% is up for debate) health this will deal 200% of samuel's AD in physicaldamage and apply 150% of his flat armor penetration. All of these do apply on hit and spell effects Basic cooldown between hits is 1 second, reduced by attack speed. Finishing his combo puts it on a static 1 second cooldown, but increases energy regeneration during this one second. Failing to finish his combo puts it on a 2/1.5 second cooldown and drains a large part of Samuel's energy. OPTIONAL: Can hold the mouse button to charge up an attack for up to 20% increased damage? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- W: Protector of the Innocent. (3 second cooldown, to give a short period of time after he lowers his shield to go ham on him) Samuel raises his shield infront of him, blocking physical damage (both from abilities and auto attacks) coming from that direction for 70/75/80/85/90% (or maybe it should always be 90%? of even 100%?) of the damage that would've been dealt. This damage reduction is not affected by armor penetration, and doesn't affect magic damage at all. It blocks all projectiles though, even ones that deal magic damage. However, while his shield is up, damage done to Samuel rapidly drains his energy, Samuel's attack damage is reduced by 50%, he has no energy regen, and moving in the opposite direction of his shield will slow him down. When Samuel runs out of energy while holding his shield up, he will get stunned for a short period of time (Or perhaps knocked back a short distance?) and will need some time to rest his shield arm (10-15 second cooldown). Samuel can't use his ultimate while his W is on cooldown. Samuel can't roll while holding his shield up (W goes on cooldown if he's holding it up and rolls) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E: Dodge. (Short cooldown. Like 3/4 seconds?) Samuel rolls a short distance and can't be hit by projectiles during his roll, but non-projectiles and melee attacks will still land. ..That's all there is to it. Nothing to see here. MOVE ON. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R: Father's greatsword. (100 second cooldown, starts upon visiting the shop. (Optional: Can be lowered by spending Heroism at the shop.)) Samuel pulls out his father's greatsword, which he keeps sheathed on his back. During this time, he has 30% bonus AD (can be more, or less, i guess), gains (x) bonus armor penetration, gains increased range on his strikes, and deals 2% of the enemy's maximum health in physical damage with every hit. However, he can no longer use his W, his E gets an increased cooldown and rolls a shorter distance, attacking costs more energy, getting hit costs a little bit of energy, and energy regens at a slower pace. (I do realise that these are maybe too many negative effects, feel free to help me with that) This concept is very much a WIP, and I already have a lot of variations for some of his abilities, mostly his passive and his ult, in case you guys disagree with the current state of this conceptual kit. If this concept gets a lot of attention, I will probably get to giving this guy a fitting name and I might even draw him. If you have any input to give, PLS GIB. ~JJG~
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