[Skin Concept] Worldbreaker Illaoi

**Name:** Worldbreaker Illaoi **Price:** 975 or 1350 RP **What Has Changed:** **Keeping** up with the aztec/mayan theme of the *Worldbreaker* skin line, Illaoi would be made mostly out of stone with the same colour-scheme, but very much alive with a vibrant aura. She still had regular voicelines, but perhaps with references to an aztec-based god such as *Coatlique (Goddess of Earth)* or *Teteoinnan (Mother of Gods)*. Carries around an idol very similar to the Eagle-shaped theme Aztecs donned. **Passive:** Giant hands made out of stone rise out of the earth to crush enemies under their fists and palms. On destruction, crumbles to dust and rocks. When inactive, melds into the wall and the vines growing on it attack to the walls; still becoming visible but attempting to fade into the scenery. **Q:** Idol melds into her arm, causing her arm to grow with stone massively and slam the ground in a line. The arms immediately crumbles back to normal size and the idol returns to her hand. **W:** Slams the eagle idol down, with the sound effect like a deep dong - as if toning the sound of impending destruction. **E:** Illaoi reaches out with an extended stone hand to grab the essence of the enemy, trapping it in stone. She then pulls the stone figure to her, causing the stone mimic of the target to echo damage back at it's other form. **R:** A giant gong of impending doom rings out at Illaoi slams the ground, ripping to pieces for several seconds and causing giant stone fists to erupt from the earth and strike down those who are unlucky to be caught underneath!
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