I created a new Champion, Do you like it?

Name: Frost The Avenger Passive: Ultimate Vengeance- When an ally dies near Frost, he gets angry. He gains 10%/30%/50% Movement Speed at levels 1/11/16 and his Magic Damage is doubled. He also cannot be CC’d until the villain is dead [Q] Icy Spear- Frost throws 3 Spears at his target, each Spear Applies a 50% Slow for 3 seconds and deals 90/120/150/180/210 Magic Damage and healing him for 50% of the damage dealt. [10/8/6/4/2 Second Cooldown][30 Mana] [W] Amulet of Imbalance- Frost throws his Amulet at his target, Stunning everything in a 350 AOE radius for 3 seconds and dealing 30% of their Magic Resist+90% of his AP as Magic Damage. [19/17/15/13/11 Second Cooldown][80 Mana] [E] Glacial Trail- Frost Can Slide accross an Icy Path increasing his Movement Speed by 50%/65%/80%/95%/110%. .[No Cooldown (Active Ability)][20 Mana Per Second While Active] [R] Frozen Domain- Frost Blows an Icy Wind at his opponent Summoning an Icy Prison that traps his Opponents for 1/3/5 seconds. Prisoners take 15/25/35 Magic Damage per second. If the enemy target trapped is near a Champion that uses Fire or has ignite, the Prison’s effects are reduced by 75%. [Cooldown 100/75/50][120 Mana]
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