The Mischievous Adventures part 374

(Meanwhile) {{champion:86}}: " you like movies?" {{champion:81}}: "Yeah." {{champion:86}}: "Oh um...what's your favorite?" {{champion:81}}: "_Ohio Senoj_." {{champion:86}}: "Hm...Well mine's _Montine Copperhead and The Divine Cup_." {{champion:81}}: "Oh that's really funny actually." {{champion:86}}: "Really? You seen it?" {{champion:99}}: "Oh yeah, both twice at a movie theatre." {{champion:81}}: "H-Hey I thought this was our conversation." {{champion:99}}: "Yeah but I couldn't help it, that's my favorite movie!" {{champion:81}}: "Ugh...well what's your favorite scene?" {{champion:99}} {{champion:86}}: "The knight scene!" {{champion:81}}: "Mine too." {{champion:81}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:86}}: "...." {{champion:99}}: "Haha, it's like we're family already." {{champion:86}}: "Agreed." {{champion:81}}: "Haha, I guess."

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