New game Riot...

Okay Riot hear me out, your name is Riot games but like you only have one game. Now hear me out I LOVE league but I’m an MMORPG gamer at heart, you at Riot games have the potential to create the perfect MMORPG based of the lure of League. It could be an open world sandbox beauty, with crafting, open-world PvP, faction PvP (mass/world), raid/world bosses (of specific league champions), dungeons, end-game quest lines that make you transcend to become a darkin or an aspect....and the list goes on with possibilities and that’s just the concept for the game. If it happens then you have the option of holding events on league to get costumes on the game and vise-versa. (No pay to win just sayin and action combat is a must) Think about it Riot ❤️ {Comments and feedback are welcomed}
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