The Juggernaut Club: Part 42

_As Garen has traversed through the jungle, he is now reaching it's presumed edge. He's come across a large mountainous wall._ {{champion:86}} : Knowing my luck, this is the last thing in my way to Noxus. _He starts walking alongside it, looking for an opening or a way to try and start scaling it. But nothing seems to present itself. Then, as he rounds a corner, he finds a huge hole leading into a cavern of some kind!_ {{champion:86}} : Hello, what's this? _Nidalee, who has lost Kayle at some point, appears out of some brush._ {{champion:76}} : Oh, that? That's a tunnel that Skarner was making. {{champion:86}} : Skarner? {{champion:76}} : Yeah! When Darius kicked him out of your little club thing, he was hoping to "impress" him by tunneling his way underground back into Sion's monument. Or at least that's what he told me when he started doing this thing. Haven't seen him since he took up residence in Riven's bar's basement though. I think that's actually where this leads, in fact. {{champion:86}} : If it gets me back into Noxus, I don't care WHERE it leads. TALLY HO! _He runs off into the darkness of the cave._ {{champion:76}} : Hey wait, you're gonna need a torch or something, aren't you?! {{champion:86}} : What? I can't hear you over the fact that I'll FINALLY BE BACK IN NOXUS! AND I FOUND ONE RIGHT HERE ON THE GROUND ANYWAYS! _To prove it, the area around Garen's face lights up as he lights the torch._ {{champion:76}} : Fine... _Nidalee walks off, to resume her hunt for Kayle._ _After she is out of sight, Kayle pokes her head out of some other brush and foliage._ {{champion:10}} : Phew! Though I am sad about her not being my Mittens anymore, I can just find another cat. There was that one with an eyepatch that looked interesting. But since the Justice man's heading into Noxus, figure it's as good a time as any to go check on Morgie! _She follows him into the cave, from a distance._ _As Garen walks through the cave, he suddenly sees a bunch of small spiderlings crawling along the ground. They go past him, heading towards the exit of the cave._ {{champion:86}} : As long as they don't bother me, I won't bother them. _But then they start to become skittish, and Garen hears a roughly-female sounding screech. He rolls his eyes._ {{champion:86}} : Now what am I running into? _A glob of webbing shoots out, smacking him and pinning him up against the walls of the cave!_ {{champion:86}} : _Sighs_ I wasn't trying to kill your little spiderlings, Elise! Honest! Just seeing where this cave leads! _Out of the darkness comes Elise, in her spider form._ {{champion:60}} : I could tell, Garen. I'm not stupid. {{champion:86}} (Thinking): Could have been worse, at least she didn't call me "Justice-Man". {{champion:86}} : So why'd you plaster me with your webbing then? {{champion:60}} : Call it a knee-jerk response. You spoke out of the darkness, I couldn't see you. Anyways, I can tell you where it leads. To Morgana's Sinful Succulence place. {{champion:86}} : Is that affiliated with Riven's Bunny Bar? {{champion:60}} : They're having a cross-promotion for her Bar's grand reopening. Otherwise, no. {{champion:86}} : Well is it at least INSIDE the main city of Noxus rather than on the outskirts? {{champion:60}} : Oh yeah, sure. {{champion:86}} : Good enough for me! _He pulls out his sword and chops himself free of the webbing._ {{champion:86}} : What were YOU doing in Noxus anyways? Don't you worship that so-called "Spider-God" on the Shadow Isles? {{champion:60}} : I was getting some cookies to celebrate another successful "Pilgrimage". And doing some dancing since Sona was tonight's DJ for the joint. _Garen shudders upon her saying "Pilgrimage". He starts inching his way out from in front of Elise._ {{champion:86}} : Not that it hasn't been fun, it... just... hasn't. OK-bye-now! _Garen runs off down the cavern "halls", away from Elise._ {{champion:60}} : Hey! Don't run! I like actually finding someone willing to converse with me in my spider-form! Oh, nuts... _She looks around, and sees a few of her spiderlings are missing._ {{champion:60}} : Uh oh... some of them were crawling onto him while he was stuck to the wall, weren't they? _She looks up, and sees Kayle._ {{champion:60}} : Well Hello there! Have you happened to see some spiderlings that have wandered off? They're black and red see, like a Black Widow, and- {{champion:10}} : NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE! _Kayle flaps her wings and zooms off down, further into the cavern after Garen._ {{champion:60}} : Oh come on! I'm not going to eat you! My boss does that! I just provide the meals! And all I wanted to know was... oh, forget it. _Elise crawls off, followed by (most) of her spiderlings._ **To Be Continued...** Along with this chapter are 2 announcements! 1st: Next week and the week following are currently shaping up to be VERY busy for me. I'm letting you all know ahead of time that there might NOT be a chapter released during next week and possibly the week after that. I'm hoping to prove myself wrong and release some, but in the event that I don't, you'll hopefully all remember this announcement and know WHY there aren't any. 2nd: I'm sure many of you have seen the running gag I've had going with one of your fellow readers, LostFrost. I've called it the ".5" Series, which shows a "Behind-The-Scenes" look at the "Recording" of each chapter/part. LostFrost has informed me that they will be unable to read the next couple of chapters, but he or she hoped that the running gag might continue regardless. So I'll ask outright; Does anyone else want to receive the .5 style updates in LostFrost's stead?
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