Hacker or Virus skins? - Counter skins to Arcade or Project skins

I know there are many people loving skins like Star Guardians or the arcade skins and most of all the Arcade skins, but what if there were skins that are intended to be most kind of enemies. I had an Idea coming to my mind of a Hacker- or Virus-skin series with some pixelated but distorted particles, very dark but with glowing edges like neon. For example, let's take Sivir. The blades could look a bit like a corrupt-coded sprite of pixels, glimmering dark green or purple. Her outfit would be some Zaun streetwear, making her look a bit uncaring about what's going on and even make her look like a hacker. To get to the particles of the E and R: The E (Shield) would be a small sphere of data, imploding on the impact of an enemy spell. The R could look like fast bits um such data spreading towards near allied champions giving them a small circular data glow under their feet for visual clearance. This is only a Work in Progress Idea and I will upload pictures of my idea soon. Koamaro
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